Thursday, January 25, 2007

4 years of bliss!

Happy 4th Anniversary to the love of my life. I can't believe it has been four years already. Who would have guessed that we would be in this place in our lives together. Being parents to a one month old angel baby, loving each moment we share together in a whole new way. What an incredible blessing. I love you more each moment we are together and can't wait to see where God takes us in the future. Watching you as the father of our Gracie has increased my love for you in a way I could never have imagined. You are such an amazing man of God, husband and father. I am so incredibly blessed to have you as my own. Kisses- Wifey

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

One month old!

So it is official, I have been a part of this crazy family for one whole month today. It has been quite the adventure. Who knew that this was what I was getting myself into? Well I suppose I do enjoy it. Life has been pretty great thus far. I have no complaints except for the occasional gas bubble or two, those are not so fabulous. I really do want to say thanks to all of you have welcomed me so graciously. I love you all! I also want to brag a bit about how well I am growing. I currently weigh 8lbs 9oz. Wow!

Monday, January 22, 2007

A visit from the Cookes

Sunday was a great day. My best friend Jen and her husband Dan came into town from St Louis, MO. They came to meet baby Gracelyn and it was so great to share this special time in my life with my best friend forever. We had a nice breakfast and then just chatted for a few hours while holding/rocking a fussy Gracie. She was afflicted with some major gas pain issues yesterday and we spent about eight hours with a screaming child. A brief glimpse of what some amazing moms have to deal with on a regular basis. (You rock Kelli!) Now today, Monday, she is back to being angel baby Gracie and we welcome her with grateful hearts, it is so hard to see your normally content child in such discomfort. Praise the Lord she is content again!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Lazy days

Another lazy Saturday in the Hosford home. Days are much quieter and calmer than they used to be. It is a welcome change after many many busy years. We just love hanging out with our baby Gracie. She is so entertaining just by being her. She loves to nap and even more so with her daddy. We all know that is where she got her love for sleep anyway:) So precious. We have a hard time realizing that she is four weeks old tomorrow. WOW! Time is flying and our little girl is growing up before our eyes. She is just amazing and we are totally in love with her. God Bless!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Three weeks old!

I am growing up so fast! I thought I would share some pics with you again. Check out my cool hair do! I am so stylin. I love my Auntie Lauren and Cousin Maddie so much! Thanks so much for all the love and the precious snuggle time. Three weeks has flown by and I look forward the the next eighty years or so!! Loves, Gracie Rae

Jonahs big day!

Well Jonah has his big birthday this thursday the 18th of January. He celebrated with all his family and friends and Sunday night and boy did he have fun. He had the most fun with his whipped cream frosted cake. He absolutely loved it and we all had tons of fun watching him enjoy. Here is the shy guy himself. We love you tons Jonah and look forward to many more birthday celebrations with you. God Bless you as you grow.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Fun with the girls!

So Monday night was guys night as usual. My mom and I thought, why not have a girls night too? So we did. My moms great friends Rachel and Leanne came over a brought some dinner for that night and one for the freezer, how cool. Then Aunt Kelli came over too. We had such a nice time chilling together and chatting, I think I kind of like this girls night thing. Thanks for all the snuggle time and sorry for the fussing Rach, I promise next time will be better. Loves!

I'm so big!

I am a big girl now. I eat like a champ and I am growing so much every day. My parents can't believe how much I have changed in such a short time. My hair is getting lighter and my face is getting a bit chubbier, I have heard thats whats in for babies my age. I do try to keep up with the trends while still maintaining my own individuality. Love ya all!

Daddy got to feed me!

Now that I am over two weeks old, daddy finally got his first chance to feed me. I really don't mind the bottle thing and its kinda nice to have a change of scenery every once and awhile at meal time. Dad is pretty great at this parent thing. He even took me on my first daddy-daughter outing to G+G Hosfords house tuesday night. Mommy stayed home to take a nap. She needed it. I love my daddy, he's my hero!

First bath in the tub

Look at me! I am big enough to go in my little tub for bath time. I like it much better now because I can lounge in the warm water. I still love to have my hair washed but lotion time just always stinks. I just can't seem to enjoy the semi warm. slimy slathering. Oh well, there must be something in this world not to enjoy right?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Adios and Safe travels!

We are sad to say that our dear friends Heath and Rhianon Wilhoit are departing this great country for a new adventure very soon. They will be moving to Guam with the navy for a three year term. We had many chances to spend some quality time with them while they were here in Michigan for the holidays. It was wonderful to catch up and to have them meet baby Gracie. She was with them for an evening in the belly still and was so excited to meet them that she decided to come out before they left. They visited her when she was a few days old and then she went to say bye-bye on Saturday night. We are thrilled for them as they begin a new journey but will miss them much. We love you guys and hope that Guam is as fabulous as it sounds. Enjoy your new home but never forget the old, and those of us here who love you dearly. We pray for health, happiness and safe travels. Loves bunches!

Two weeks old!

Gracie is two weeks old already! We can't believe how much she has grown. She is shocked too as the picture shows. She is still a little angel and we are counting our blessings every day. Her doctors appointment for her two week check up was today. She has grown half an inch to 20 inches long and now weighs a hefty 7lbs 5 1/2oz. What a big girl. She was supposed to weigh at least 6lb 11oz again but surpassed that by leaps and bounds. What a girl! She is also otherwise completely healthy and what our dear Dr Fawcett says is, "the perfect baby Hosford." We think so too. Next check up is not till February 27
her two month check. Pray for good health and continued happiness.
The last picture is Gracie showing off her extra pounds that she has gained. She is getting a little meat on her bones and is hoping to one day catch up with her cousin Jonah.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

nine days old already

Well hello, my name is Gracelyn Rae. I would just like to take moment to say hi and also share my greatest appreciation to all of you who are keeping up with the goings on in my life. I have truly enjoyed all the love bestowed upon me, hugs, kisses, gifts and more. The visits are always fun and I really do enjoy snuggling so feel free to come on over. My parents keep saying how blessed they are and how grateful they are for all the love and support, not to mention meals and such. I have had a busy first week of life with Christmas and New Years day, but things are slowing down now. Dad goes back to work tomorrow, we will miss him dearly during the days. So if you want to visit mommy and me- please do. We will need company to keep us distracted. I would like to close with a message- I truly love all of you and am truly grateful for the unconditional love and affection. You are all so wonderful and I look forward to growing up and knowing each of you better.

Sugar and Spice!

Here she is with her normal sweet disposition, just chilling with whomever she's snuggling with at the time. Angelic to say the least.

Then there is the rare, but cute as well, moment of discontent. Her cry is hardly loud enough to irritate anyone but it is enough to get the point across, "I am hungry, feed me now!"

Mommy's little angel

Here is a pic of the proudest mommy in the world with her sweet little angel. Gracie is of course doing what she does best- snuggling up. I am just enjoying this new journey of motherhood more than I ever could have imagined. It is by far the best job that exists. We have special circumstances with Gracie being the sweetest child with the most mellow temperment, but none the less, we just love being parents.