Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Halloween week!!

Well last weekend we had an absolute blast in Gaylord with the Catts, Sean+Kelli, Aaron+Michelle, Drew+Jill, Mike+Amy and new this year joining us were Ryan+Amber Cox. We really got to relax and have some time away to relax and spend QT with great friends. We were the yahoos who brought the newborn but she was pretty well behaved most of the weekend. She was a bit under the weather on Sat (note the sad face Kristi is making for Livvy) but the rest of the time we enjoyed just getting to spoil her rotten with all of our attention. We had LOTS of great food, great conversation, fun times just being together, and fantastic accomadations- Thanks again Trav and Kristi- oh and baby boy Catt too:)

Michelle, Kelli, and Kristi hanging with Livvy who was under the weather:(

Amber getting some major snuggle time with the Livster. That vest was seriously snuggle worthy:)

Delish spaghetti dinner- and old tradition that NEVER gets old. Best recipe ever

Gracie playing with play-do. She barely found time to even look at me never mind smile- oh well, we take what we get at this stage:)

Livvy is rocking out the Bumbo chair. I can't believe how old she is getting. 3 months old already and she is growing like a weed. She has LOTS of smiles for every one and most days she is pretty content with life and those around her. SHe has a day here and there when she doesn't know which way is up, not to mention what to do with her own mood. But the rest of the time she is sweet as pie. Watch out though- her baby blues will get you hooked:) She is still looking lots like daddy and he is loving that. Her chubs are serious and not to be missed. We also love that her sleeping habits are pretty consistant now. She sleeps most of the night 10-7ish, but she still wakes up once for a quick 20 min snack in the night sometime. This mommy is feeling quite rested and doesn't mind it a bit:)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tree Climber

Sorry for the poor quality pics BUT I had to get what I could while not risking my childs life longer than needed :)
How high is she???
She had to do it " by my self preese daddy"
While out in the yard enjoying this warm fall weather, Dan thought it might be fun to climb our HUGE maple in the front yard. He barely escaped with his life and then of course his little girl had to try it too. She LOVES to copy her daddy:) She pulled herself right up on the branch by holding onto the branch above it. Smarty pants. Needless to say I was worried but daddy said she was fine and stood right below her the whole time:)


Bath time- every once and awhile Livvy joins Gracie in her big girl tub:)
Then of course our big helper has to wash her sissy- only on her tummy Grace :)
Cheesy grin, ready for a Laker football game. Gracie loves to go to football games. She is a super fan. G-V-S-U, GO LAKERS!!!!!
Gracie feeding her baby like mommy does:) With her "boobies", in my chair, with the pillow- and then came the search for the burp rag so she could burp :) What a good little mommy.
Livvy is ready for a laker football game also. Getting so big now:) Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Braidy Lady

Gracie Rae will FINALLY sit still and let mommy braid her hair. She likes it because she is "pretty" and then her hair doesn't fall into her eyes constantly. I think it makes her look SOOOOOOOOO old now though. I can't beleive my baby is almost two :(

Children's Museum

The girls and I have really enjoyed being blessed with family to spend our days with. Kelli, Laney and Jonah are always willing to include us in fun activites- like an outing to the GR Children's Museum. The kiddos have an absolute blast together- even when they forget about "gentle touch", and us moms can catch up on life and just enjoy some adult conversation :) God has blessed us immensely and we are not taking it for granted. We thank Him often!

Fishin- Laney Rose is in on the fun now:)
Jonah caught the big one!!!
Gracie racing the car down the track!
AND whats new? Livvy slept through all the fun. Oh well, better than a screaming baby:)

Thanks to Kelli and the kiddos for such fun days that we get to spend together- even if they are mostly CRAZY!!!!


Last night Maddie and Gracie had fun carving pupmkins with poppa Hosford. They were not fond of the ooey gooey mess though. Happy to let poppa do the dirty work and enjoy the Jack-O-Lanterns in the end.

The "Ladies"- three generations, how blessed are we??