Friday, June 27, 2008

Please pray!

Please take a moment to pray for the family of a woman that works with Dan. Her name is Meredith Riley Soddy and their family has just found out that thier 2 year old daughter has liver cancer that has also spread to her lungs. They aren't sure which type of cancer they are dealing with currently but were told that there are treatment options and that the situation is not hopeless. The little girls name is Amanda and she has had quite a tough go of life already. She was born prematurely at 24 weeks and so had to remain hospitalized for months after birth. She then has had heart problems and other health issues related to being a premie. Please pray for them as they struggle through the daily grind of chemo and more hospitalization, as well as the questions of why? Why would this happen to their miracle baby? Only God knows and we pray He grants them the peace and comfort they need as well as the fortitude to get through the struggles.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summer beauty

OK so we definitely need a new picture on this blog than a hot, sweaty preggo for sure. Here is a recent pic of our summer beauty. Gracie Rae is almost 18 months old already. Growing like a weed and even starting to loose her buddah belly and sprout up taller. She is still a solid girl but as she grows she is less chubby and more athletic looking. Oh how fast this childhood thing goes. We are absolutely loving all the new things she is learning and teaching us daily. She is quite the little talker. Dan and I cracked up this past week as we were reading that "18 month olds should be using around ten words and that their favorite word is usually NO" We realized that Gracie uses over 80 words that we can count and more often than not she uses them in full- or almost full- sentences. Scholorship child :) However, she is right on traget with her favortie one being NO. as long as she is the one using it and not Mom and dad :)We can't wait to see how she will be as a "Big Shisher" to Olivia in less than eight weeks :)Enjoy the sun!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Holy Moly- over thirty weeks already?!!

Sorry about the sweaty face- pregnant in summer is totally HOT!!! Check out the fabulous pic of baby Olivia Jean at 30 weeks along. I can't beieve how fast this pregnancy is flying by. We are now to the every 2 week check-ups and she is measuring great and should make her grand entrance into this world in about 9 weeks. We are frantically trying to get some stuff done around the house to prepare for her. Last week we moved the office downstairs so we could start getting her ocean/beach/ sun/fun room ready for her. Of course nothing about the project went smoothely- the computer power supply got fried and it cost and arm and a leg to get it fixed over the past week. BUT- now we are up and running online again and life may resume again as normal. Next up- a little paint, possibly a new bathroom?, a little mulch and some flowers outside, and a LOT of organizing. Any takers who want to watch Gracie Rae for an afternoon so mommy can get some projects done are welcome!!:) God bless and enjoy the HEAT!!!