Monday, January 21, 2008

Fabulous weekend!

So no new pics...again. I know, i suck. But hey we had a fantastic weekend and I thought I would share. I worked like norm Fri night. Then Saturday returned home to find Gracie at the back door to greet me with a FIRM shaking of the gate and a smile that would melt any heart. Thats what I call a welcome home. I then spent a short time with Dan and her, getting plenty of slobbery smooches and snuggles. SLEEP comes next and then a BIG date night out to celebrate 5 fabulous years of marriage. First to the movies- Juno was the film and it was Superb! Definitely recommended and Dan really liked it also. Then check in at our FANCY suite at the JW Marriot in GR. We really got fabulous treatment and the facility was splendid. Dinner was one for the books. Leo's- also HIGHLY recommended if you have never had the pleasure. We did it up good and had a lovely anniversary gift waiting for us from the in-laws. SPOILED! King crab legs, buttery New York strip, Bavarian Cream chocolate torte, these can never be a worng choice. Three hours for dinner and then back to the lovely suite. We had a fabulous breakfast Sun morning and then went to my parents to get the babe. Thanks so much to them for the gift of loving and caring for our sweetie while we had some alone time. How blessed are we? Loves!

Happiest Five years of my life!

Happy Fifth Anniversary to the greatest husband in the world! These have truly been the greatest years of my life thus far and they are only getting better. I knew early on that God had brought you into my life for special reasons and then that you were the Man he created for me. Now I know that you were born to be the man of my dreams and the father of our children. You are perfect to me, even when my silly human mind doesn't comprehend why or how. You are the love of my life and truly my knight in shining armor. I love you more and more deeply than words can say and can't wait to continue this journey with you FOREVER! Smooches- Wifey

I see the light!

Well today we had our first doctors appointment to check on our pregnancy and hear the baby's heartbeat. 181 bpm and this little one was moving ALL over the place. Another mover and shaker I think! What an incredible blessing to hear that little sound. I didn't know how anxious I was until I heard it and then felt total and utter relief. I could have listened to it all day, but the baby moved and we lost it soon after :) It definitely makes me feel a lot better about how crappy I have been feeling. I will gladly feel however God wants me to if it maens a happy, healthy child. I do see the light though. We are almost past the first trimester and I have had a few days lately where I can actually eat a "real"amount of food and not heave all afternoon. The nurse in the lab at our office had been drawing ALL the blood they need for the first visit, which is about six or seven vials, and told Dan- "You must take your wife out for a fancy dinner now and she MUST order dessert to make up for all this lost blood! HA HA HA We got a chuckle from that.Praise the Lord! Please pray that this pregnancy goes well and that by the Grace of God we will welcome this little babe in August! Thanks for the love and support, we have truly greatful hearts!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Curly Que

Gracie has curly hair! It's getting so long now and she has definite curls. How cute is she? She is thinning out a bit now that she is on the move CONSTANTLY :) We are really enjoying her personality but she has got quite a stubborn side. She really likes to get her way, I have NO IDEA where that comes from. She lives her little life 100 miles an hour and keeps mommy and daddy busy and guessing what comes next. How fun.She says so many words now. Doggee, Fshhh, No no, Juice, Cheese, Sock, Yup, Ball, and man can this girl dance. she loves to push her music on and then jive to the tunes, legs bouncing, arms waving and head bopping up and down. You have got to see this!
We are loving life also, mom is feeling quite rough these days but I know there is an end in sight. I try to keep a positive attitude but the Blech feeling gets really old and how tired can one person be? Baby Hos is now in its third month of growing and is a fetus now. Growing like wild and sucking the life out of mom! Dan is great- such a great hubby, doing anything he can to help me. And what a daddy! The best there is I am convinced. Gracie adores him and can't wait to see Daddeeeeeee every day after work. Loves from us!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Well what a year we have had. A wonderful and FULL year that seemed to fly by at warp speed. On to 2008 we go, looking forward to the new adventures it will bring to our family. Gracie has grown up SO much this past year. It is amazing what change one year can bring in the life of a child. She started the year a completely dependent infant who couldn't do much but eat and sleep. Now she is feeding herself, talking all the time, drinking from a sippy (no more bottle), running and climbing on Everything, and having her sassy drama queen moments also. We are truly loving our wild little girl, even with the attitude she trys at times. Dan and I have grown a lot as well. Being parents has changed us both immensely. We rely on God more than ever and also on each other more than before. We seem to have really gotten into a routine that works for our family and God bless that! We are thrilled to meet this next member of our little family, Lord willing, in August. Until then, we are loving on our big baby girl and our puupy too. Marley is a huge part of our family now too. Full of energy, he can be a bigger handful than Gracie at times. What a joy! We wish you the happiest and healthiest year ever in 2008, from our family to yours!