Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Get better soon Poppa!

The scariest parts of Jamie's ordeal are over but he is not quite out of there yet. He is feeling pretty good and can't wait to get home. Gracie visited her poppa and was all smiles. She cheered him up a bit. He is a trooper and has sailed through this ordeal, but please keep him in your prayers. He is so loved by us and we want him home soon.

Operation Kidney One- Complete!

Praise the Lord, Jamie had his surgery yesterday and it was a success. They were able to remove the entire kidney, tumor and fatty tissue capsule that surrounds it in one piece. This is a good sign that there was no tumor anywhere but the kidney. We will play the waiting game with the results from pathology until Saturday or Monday. He is now to remain in the hospital until the blood thinners can become therapuetic and so they can watch him to make sure he doesn't bleed from his surgical sites. So Sunday or Monday will be the earliest that he could come home. Please keep praying that he remains comfortable as he is now and that he does not get too bored. He is a man on the go usually so this is torture for him. Thanks so much for the notes, emails, prayers, thoughts and visits. You are all priceless in helping get him, and all of us, through this. Loves! More updates to come later on.

Prayer and Praise!

A big scare for the Hosford family. Please be in prayer for Jamie (dad), he was rushed to the hospital today and it was found that he had three different blood clots, one in each lung and one in his left leg. Scary, but praise the Lord that this could have been worse and he is OK. He had an IVC filter placed in a main artery to catch any clots that may dislodge before they can get to his heart and cause a major heart attack. While scanning for the blood clots they also came upon a mass on his kidney. We are not sure what this is yet but he will have it biopsied tomorrow. Please be in prayer for Jamie as he is in lots of pain at this point. He is also required to be on complete bedrest, which is nearly impossible for the man, and remain in the hospital for up to a week. Also pray for the family as this time of unknown is both scary and frustrating. Thanks for the thughts and prayers, we will update as much as possible with new info. Loves!!

Six months Old!!!

Can you believe it, I am half a year old. I know it doesn't seem like it but I have been around for a long time now. I have experienced so much life. I can sit, roll in any direction you would like, scoot around in circles, I eat cereal as well as Peas now ( I added that tonight for the first time and I loved them, will post on blog later), I drink white grape juice, I have attended my first rock concerts, I swim often in my floaty, and there is so much more if you would just hang out with me you would know. I LOVE to watch other kids play and I giggle at them lots, but I will admit that sometimes I am frustrated that I can't move like them. YET!!! Just wait, before you know it I will be crawling and getting teeth, but thats still to come. I will blog more about our fun trip to Gaylord and my Peas experience. Loves!!!

I love pickles!

Gracie's new favortie snack is little baby gerkins. She has not yet attempted fruit or veggies, that will start next week at six months old. We gave her a pickle to see what she would do and she just loved it, no funny sour face or anything. Just pure love. She has also taken to sucking on lemons out of my water at restaurants. She seems to be enamored with sour tastes at this stage. I wonder if baby fruits and veggies will even interst her? We will find out next week, stay tuned for those pics.


We knew the time would come eventually but it took six months. Jonah and Gracie finally acknowledge each others existance. Not only that, they think each other is pretty darn cool. Last Sunday on Father's day we were together and Jonah wants to hold her and occasionally tackle her. She would sit and watch him play all day I think. They can actually sit by each other and play now and that is really fun to watch. They are going to have a blast growing up together. We love you bunches Jonah boy, thanks for being such a great cousin.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Auntie Lolo!

I hope your birthday is just grand. I haven't had a birthday yet so i am not sure what exactly all the fuss is about but, I do know that I sure am glad you have had another year around this earth. I wouldn't have met you and that would have been unthinkable. You are one of the greatest aunties and I love you more than words can say. You are the best and I hope you live it up large this year, we will have so much fun together. I love you!!!!!Gracie Rae

Friday, June 08, 2007

Welcome to the world Thys!

Thys Michael Vanderwall, born June 7. 8lbs 6oz and 19 1/2 inches long. What a cutie pie.
A pic of the fantastic new fam with baby BOY( i really thought it was a girl). Johanna is a superstar for sure with her crazy long ordeal. Way to go Jason and JoJo. We just love him to pieces and are so excited that Gracie has a new boyfriend. So many to choose from.

So tired!

This morning after I woke up at 7:30am I palyed for quite awhile. Then when I started to fuss mom made me a bottle. It was too hot for mom to snuggle me while I ate so I sat in my ultra comfy papasan chair. I was eating away and then I got so tired that I hadn't even finished my food and I fell sound asleep. But don't worry I didn't drop my bottle. Mom had to wake me just long enough to finish eating and then I took a little snoozer. (Hey, check out my cute toes.Pink is my best shade I think!)

Have a happy weekend!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sun block!

I just love to use my SPF 50 sunblock on all the sunny days of summer! Don't forget to wear your SPF when you go out in the sun too! Especially you Uncle Austin:) I love you.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Big girl tub

I am so big now that I get to bath in the big girl tub. I do enjoy it!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Another Girl!!!

I was patient in waiting for Kelli to post the exciting news and so now I can spread it around. We are absolutely thrilled to know there will be a little Carlson girl gracing the family in October. Jonah will be such a great big brother and to have a sister to love on will be so fun. We can't wait for Gracie to have a little shopping partner. Congrats Sean and Kelli, what fun to be blessed with one of each. Let the good times roll!

Fun times!

What a silly girl we have on our hands. She was playing with Auntie KK, Uncle Aukin and her daddy during Maddie's birthday party yesterday and she was as silly as ever. Thanks Kate for the great pics.
Smiling is definitley her forte. She has a huge grin and her BIG blue eyes just shine.
Here she is showing off her standing abilities. Not without help yet but she does love to be on her toes. Thanks Grandma Carlson for my cute outfit. I got lots of compliments on my fashion sense.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Can you say Precious?

Some days I am just overwhelmed by how much love I have for this little girl that God has entrusted to us. She is often times full of energy and sass and then there are moments such as this when she is at complete peace. She is such a sweet little girl and being her mommy is the greatest role I have ever had. What a blessing! I can only hope that we are capable of raising her to be the best she can be and to bring God glory through her little life. A big thanks to all you family and friends who are continuously suppporting us in this journey and for loving us and Gracie unconditionally. We love you all!