Friday, August 31, 2007

Go Lakers!

So last night I experienced my first Lakers game at Lubbers stadium. What a blast! I just love Football games. I am not incredibly interested in the players or the rules of the game but all the people rock! There are bright ligts and loud music, lots of screaming and dancing and jumping. I will definitely be a Laker super fan for life.
Daddy was so proud of me and how good I was. I was very friendly and met lots of new people. SOOO many people told me how beautiful I was. I even hung out with President Haas for awhile and got smooches from him. I saw my gramma, Gigi, Poppa, Aunt KK, and uncle Aukin. I was spoiled!

Pretty sweater!

Check out the awesome sweater my Gramma Wendy made me. Am I cute or what!
I just love this sweater, it is SOOOOOO super soft and snuggly.
Sassy little me is so spoiled by my grammy's. But do I look like I care? Loves

Welcome to the world little one!

My best friend in the whole wide world and her husband Dan welcomed thier daughter on Sunday August 26. Madison Ann Cooke was born at 11:12 am, weighing in at 7lbs 14oz and 20 inches long. She is a peanut for sure. What a doll! Jen is such a rockstar, she was a week overdue and then endured 36 hours of labor and pushed for three hours. Holy Moley! Good thing you are worth it MAC.
Gracie and I ventured down to Pinkney, MI for a visit on Wednesday. We had so much fun playing with the whole clan (jens sis Lisa and her two cutie pies were also there), and getting some super snuggle time with baby MAC.
This is Madison ready for her first trip out of the house. Jen and I took the girls to the outlet mall for her first shopping trip, and so mom could get out of the house finally. We had a bit of a rain storm on the way to the mall but after dinner the sky cleared up and there was a rainbow. What a sign!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

8 Months old

Oh My!! I can't believe it, I am already 8 months old. Woah! I don't know where the time has gone. I must say being older and wiser that I am truly enjoying this journey called life. I pack as much fun into every day as I can and cherish all the time I have with the people I love. I love to Go Go Go, but then there is always time for a bit of a snuggle and snooze. As you can see in the picture(above my right eye), now that I am on the go those adults in my life can't always keep up and with me climbing up bookcases and all, sometimes I slip. Whoops! No problem though, I have learned to take the bumps and bruises because all the fun is worth it. I am looking forward to my first Rockford football game tonight. I will cheering on Ralph, Brogan Bibler and the rams to a victory. A note from my parents: We are truly trying to enjoy each moment of this time while Gracie is still small. She grows so fast we don't want to miss a thing. She is learning so quickly that she teaches us new things all the time. Life through the eyes of a child~There is truly nothing quite like it. Enjoy the Fall!!

Miss independent

Growing up so fast and miss Gracie Rae is exerting her independence more and more. She has her opinions on how things should go and she has no fear in letting us know. What a hoot. Well maybe not at 4:30am. Hopefully she will compromise soon? This is her new pink "pat". It will probably be in many pictures to come.
I love this shot, she looks so old to me. Sitting so lady like with her skirt and her UGG boots.
She's not quite into reading much these days but she sure does like to eat the books. She has tons of them and they are infiltrating every shelf and bookcase that we have.

Silly daddy

Gracie and daddy playing a game while he was outside grilling dinner. He would touch the slider and she would follow his hand around banging the window. What a riot!

Friday, August 17, 2007

New play place!

Our house is now officially baby proofed. We turned one corner of the living room into Gracie's little play place. She loves having her own space where she can play and not hear "No, thank you Gracie Rae". She is such a love and her personality is delightful. She loves life so far and we hope her joyous spirit continues. Love you bunches Gracie Rae!

Party time!

So I know I am belated but what can I say. Better late than never! Last weekend we had a party at my in-laws to celebrate Jamie's 52nd birthday and Katie's 25th birthday. What a blast we had. It was a late party for sure. Dan and I left around 1am and the party apparently continued till 3:30am. WOW! It was a definite success. A great group of people to spend an evening with. Super music also with our sort-of cousin Tim and his band Relapse. Fab-U-Loso!

Pre party Gracie was riding her favorite animal in the world, Landon- Aunt Kelkels doggie.
The girls getting ready for the party and just chatting together enjoying the company.
Gracie was quite tired and just turned and passed out on her Grampas tummy. What a great place for a nap!
Friends and family hanging around on the deck. We had a riot just chilling together and catching up.
A few snacks to start the evening and once again, just catching up with good friends. We really enjoyed the night. Thanks to all who were able to attend. Oh and one more note- this night was our first childless night in 7 1/2 months. Gracie had her first "spendie" with Gramma and gramps Carlson. She did great and loved all the fun and spoiling she got. We took advantage of the break and slept in till 10:30 and then went to brunch. Then we missed our pumpkin so much we had to go and get her. Thanks G&G Carlson.

Standing proud

So I begin by sitting, always near to something I will be able to hold on to. Sometimes I chew my hand:)
Then its go time, grab on and flex those little muscles of mine. The mirror takes a hit with smearing but who cares?
Then TA DA! I'm up and the world has a whole new view (literally, there is a globe in the corner). What to fun to watch our Gracie learn and grow. She is a VERY strong girl and SOOOOOOO much fun too.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

GR Sports Hall of Fame

Thursday night we spent the evening at the Van Andel arena. We were invited to be a part of the GR Sports Hall of Fame indcution ceremony. The GVSU 2002 National Championship football team was being inducted. Dan and Tom were both senior leaders on that team. We are very proud of "our boys" for the accomplishments made that year and now for the recognition that is well deserved.

This pic is of the Boys and the GVSU athletic director Tim Selgo. Dan and Tom on the bottom row and Mike Hoad, Aaron Hien, and Curt Anes with Tim in the top row. We are so proud of all "Our boys"!!
Now here is the real picture of all the beauties of the night. Brooke Hein, myself decked out in the new hair do, Lolo sporting her sassy self, and Lindsey Miracle (soon to be Anes). Thanks Lor for the fabulous pics as always.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Playing around

Gracie Rae having fun with daddy. They were playing around an dGracie found mommy's old baseball cap.
What a cutie pie. When she looks like a gangsta with her hat on backwards Dan calls her G-Race. HA!

100% Girl

She is a girl for sure. Full on drama all the time, but at least it's happy and cute drama for the most part. She has SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much personality. We love you peachy pie!
Check out those pearly whites sticking out. I finally got a great tooth pic. She is figuring out what they are for slowly but surely. She can bite a finger pretty hard so watch out.

Hoffmaster beach day

Walking with Grammy, this walking thing is no problem. I don't know what the fuss is about.
Sandy babe, covered from head to toe and all the rolls in between but loving every minute of it.
Thys, what was that about the sprinkler? Here's the Gracie beach version. Maybe Thys was on lake Michigan on Saturday?
Cold water can be fun still.
Three generations on the beach. Having so much fun! Oh, and there is Dan on the towel in the background. What is he doing? Oh could it be? He is sleeping. Yes it true.

Pancakes, YUM YUM YUM

Saturday morning pancake breakfasts will never be the same. Gracie now gets her own little silver dollar pancake and boy is that fantastic. She loved it so much we could barely tear it away, really. She would not let go of it. What a riot. Way to grow Gracie Rae.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Beach baby, beach baby. Here on the sand....

Check out that cute new bikini! What a beach bod too :) Gracie has been loving the beach a lot this summer. She is also now loving to crawl through the sand, eat a little, chew on a rock here and there, chase and ant and so on. She loves the water and even goes under without much fuss. Parenting really has been the most fun adventure of our lives so far. We just adore our little sweetie and love watching her grow and change EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Breaking out!

Much to mommy's dismay, Gracie can now pull herself up. What? I know, I thought I had some time to deal with the whole crawling thing. But no, she decided to go with it and learn another new trick. I am getting blown away by my little smarty pants. After her nap on Friday I walked into her room and there she was standing up to greet me with a huge smile. Then she wanted to play Peek-a-boo. What a crazy girl. She is certainly loving all the fun new things she is learning, she can change her scenary anytime she wants and that is a riot. Watch your step at the Hosford home folks, she is definitely on the move. Our home is well on its way to being baby proofed. Gates, outlet covers, drawer and cupboard locks, etc. Wow! Oh, and if you noticed her hair is long enough for barrets now. Cool!

Happy Versary Poppa and Gramma!

I hope that you have 32 more years of pure bliss. You are the bestest grandparents a girl could have and I hope I have a successful marriage like yours someday. I luv you, Smooches~ Gracie Rae

Mom and dad, we are so paroud to have such an awesome example of marriage and commitment. We truly hope you will share many more years together. We love you dearly. ~Dan and Tracy