Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Three weeks old!

I am growing up so fast! I thought I would share some pics with you again. Check out my cool hair do! I am so stylin. I love my Auntie Lauren and Cousin Maddie so much! Thanks so much for all the love and the precious snuggle time. Three weeks has flown by and I look forward the the next eighty years or so!! Loves, Gracie Rae


Anonymous said...

Wow - what cute pics of Gracie and Maddie and Lauren!
This Grandma wants you all to know that in the second pic of Gracie, she is waving "hi"to her grandma!!!
:> :> :>

She is getting so looooooooooooong!!
Love to all of you girls!!
Grandma C

Tom, Lauren and Madilyn said...

She is so stink'n cute. Good work you two!!! :) Love you!
Aunt Lauren