Monday, January 08, 2007

Adios and Safe travels!

We are sad to say that our dear friends Heath and Rhianon Wilhoit are departing this great country for a new adventure very soon. They will be moving to Guam with the navy for a three year term. We had many chances to spend some quality time with them while they were here in Michigan for the holidays. It was wonderful to catch up and to have them meet baby Gracie. She was with them for an evening in the belly still and was so excited to meet them that she decided to come out before they left. They visited her when she was a few days old and then she went to say bye-bye on Saturday night. We are thrilled for them as they begin a new journey but will miss them much. We love you guys and hope that Guam is as fabulous as it sounds. Enjoy your new home but never forget the old, and those of us here who love you dearly. We pray for health, happiness and safe travels. Loves bunches!


Anonymous said...

So glad you got to spend so much time with your good buddies! Rhianon looks beautiful in these pictures!
And so do you TRAC! And man... I'm so glad Gracie loves her green fuzzy blanket! ;o)
- Lea