Sunday, April 30, 2006

Madilyn Adele's Baptism

Maddie poo got baptised last night at Our Lady of Consolation Catholic Church. She was an absolute trooper and was slightly confused at times why everyone she knows was all there at the same time. She didn't know who to look at first. When the preist was sprinkling the water on her head she really just wanted to dive right in. What a sassy pants she is. She was so innocent looking in her beautiful knit dress. What a beautiful girl you are Madilyn. Dan is her Godfather now and Rebekah is her Godmother. What a responsibilty he has taken on but couldn't be happier to be the chosen Godfather. We love you to pieces Maddie and hope that ear infection clears up soon.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Fun times this week!

Heres a pic of Maddie having fun with the mirror on Tuesday. She was high-fiving herself. She absolutely had me rolling with laughter. She is so much fun and I love my time with her. She will be getting baptised on Saturday night. A big day for our Maddie poo. This weekend I also have a couple bridal showers to attend so it should be a fun weekend. I am thrilled that we are putting our wood floors in the next weekend. A long time coming but they have been teasing me in the garage for the last few weeks and I can't wait to have them in!!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Maddie and Jonah, I love you.

Jonah baby with his cutest ever new stare face. What a stud man. I think maybe moms tired witht hat yawn in the background.
Maddie finally realizes that Uncle Dan isn't all that bad as long as dad's next to her. Is that grin the cutest or what. I live in Aunty heaven so often when I get to love them to peices. I am just set for life with these two. And look, the hair is getting long enough for barrettes. So beautiful Madilyn Adele. What a darling.

Happy Birthday Party to me!!!

So we had a picnic on Sunday in the cool, rainy Michigan spring weather. It was fun though as always. Lots of family and friends. I was in Aunty heaven with my sweetie pies, Jonah and Madilyn. I so enjoy being loved on by them, what a gift. It was so fun to spend time with the fam and get spoiled for the quarter of a century birthday, and spoiled I am!!! God is so good to me.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


So we totally stole this pic off her blog but our neice is the cutest little girl ever. I may be bias but it is undeniable! We were so sad that we would miss her first trip to the beach we bought her a little beach dress. This is her in Gulf Shores with her sun dress on. What a doll. We love you Maddie poo.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

God Bless you all this Easter season. Well I must say that this weekend has been entirely fabulous. I suck becaus I have no pics to post but the week and weekend have been great. I will post pics later of something. Friday was splendid- went out to The Chop House for birthday dinner with that lovely hubby of mine. He spoiled me rotten again. The went to Jason and Johanna's to chill on the deck with a bonfire. Loved it!!!! Then to Genesis Saturday am for Spa day that was to die for!! Hour long massage, Hour long facial, and Luxury Pedicure. Talk about pampered! Well then Saturday evening we went to GVSU for the post Spring game cash draw. It was funa dn we did win a little cash. That's always nice. After that we had a little party of our own at Uccellos in Standale and then on to Mojo's for the dueling piano's. Great food, drinks and entertainment and all for spoiled little me's birthday. I was truly spoiled and now on this Easter, we had a lovely service at Blythefield with mom and dad Carlson and friend Sara. The message was fantastic. Then on to Brunch where I got spoiled again. I love birthdays!!!! This evening we will see Dan's family for dinner and maybe Jonah later. What a great weekend.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Well the time is officially here when the whole Hosford family is down in the Gulf paradise enjoying the sun and shore and here are Dan and I stuck in gloomy Michigan. Ok well my whining is now over and I will spend the rest of our time being happy for all of them at beach. I will also say that it is so great that my dear friends Heath and Rhianon are finally on their way to vacation together. It has been awhile and so we are truly excite for them. Enjoy yur time of rest and relaxation together. Loves!!