Friday, February 13, 2009

February 09 (already?)

Gracie is such a sweet 2 year old. She is a great big sister, always helping Livvy with her toys and sharing everything. Even the stuff she shouldn't:) She has an incredible vocabulary and amazes us daily with the things she says. We love our "big girl" bunches. She is looking forward to her big Spring Break trip to Gulf Shores. She asks daily if we get to leave yet:)

Livvy is growing so crazy fast I can't keep up. She sits on her own very well, rolls like a maniac, and scoots backward on her belly. She does a mean carpet swim but no crawling yet:) She still eats well- daddy calls her the disposal. She really enjoys teething toasts too now. What a joyous mess she makes with those:) We can't wait to show her the ocean in a few months and let her experience "the shores" outside of the womb.