Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The doctors in

Well our little peanut is not such a peanut anymore. I honestly cannot believe how fast she is growing before our eyes. She is Oh so much fun these days. She is on the crawl, moving around so fast and furiously. Baby proofing the house is also happening now as she has discovered there are rooms to which she can move around in, down the hall and all that stuff. Wow! Deep breathe, my baby girl is getting so big. Her little personality is GREAT. She is super sweet with the right amount of sass. Any naughtyness melts away immediately with a snuggle and nuzzle into my neck or a smile with a belly laugh. What a riot being a mom is. She actually gets bumps and bruises now that she is on the move and the tears are tough to handle. BUT, such is life and so moms getting tougher too. Doctor says she is healthy and happy and there is no blessing greater than that. She weighs 19lbs9oz. and is 27 inches tall. That is 4 inches longer in 2 months, Woah! Loves and smooches

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Hey look at all this hair I have been growing lately. Grammy decided to style it the other day and I thought I looked pretty cute. I am seven months old today. Can you believeit? I am becoming quite the social butterfly also. I will keep you updated, I go to the doctor next week and I will tell you all about then. Loves and smooches! Gracie Rae

Monday, July 16, 2007

Two teeth and counting

Well look at me, I am growing at light speed. I have now begun standing with just a finger or two to hols onto. I also have two teeth now. Both in the front on the bottom. Things are changing at home a bit nowdays. Mom is back working more now, she works on the weekends at night. I stay home and get some one on one with daddy. It is really fun. He is such a great dad, and we have tons of fun. Mom is enjoying getting back to the burn unit. She missed it more than she even realized but feels great now that she is back in the saddle. I will be back soon to update again, but until then~ enjoy the summer sun. Loves!

Mary Kay Stock reduction sale!!!!!

Calling all fans of Mary Kay products. I am having a sale of the stock that I have collected over the past year. After having Gracie I didn't do much with all the products that I had stocked and now I need to reduce the amount of stuff that I have. If anyone needs any products please let me know. I have reduced the price 25 to 50 percent on all the porducts. I have lots of colors of the make-up and quite a few skin care products left. PLEASE call me if I can help with any of your skin care needs or if you just need a few fresh colors. I will not be ordering new products at this time but I have LOTS of stuff in stock. CALL ME!!!!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Almost crawling

Mommy, I am gonna get you!
I feel quite comfy right here thank you, I will try crawling again another day. I am pooped.
Ok, well I guess I can keep trying. After all I need to be able to get places on my own.

Gracie has figured out how to get up into crawl position, and she can propel herself forward once and then she flops. She proceeds to roll over onto her back and lay there like she just ran a marathon and is pooped beyond belief. It is a riot to watch her learn and figure out the way her body works. We are just loving watching her grow into the fun little girl she is. She would love to play so stop on over and check out her new tricks.

I love my grammy's!

This summer I am having so much fun with my grammys. They are the coolest. I have been out to lunch, on walks, to the beach, to concerts, to festivals, seen fireworks, and just chilled with them. I wish they were always on summer vacation. I love you both so much grammy's. Oh and of course I get to see my Gigi all the time too. What a spoiled baby I am. Loves!
I was having lunch at one of my favorite hot spots, Corner Bar.


Hope everyone had a happy fourth of July. I had quite an adventure, we went to Elk Rapids for one day instead of five. Mommy found out she has shingles and was very uncomfortable. We had to come home so she didn't get anyone else sick. Well then I got to hang out with my gramma Hosford for Friday so mommy could rest. I had a blast, went for walks, ate my first peach, and snuggled a ton. Then Saturday morning I woke up with my FIRST TOOTH! I didn't even let anyone know I was going to get it, I played sneaky baby and pretended everything was normal until I bit moms finger that morning. Not hard, just enough to let her know what was going on. I am growing up so fast. God bless and keep mommy in your prayers please, she is very uncomfortable and in pain all the time. Pray also that I don't get the chicken pox, I don't want to be quarentined this summer. Loves! Today I am going to the beach with my other gramma and bumpa.Woohooo!!!!

Baby Blue Eyes

What a sweetie pie. Gracie has really started showing us her little personality. She is a very sweet girl with a bit of a spicy streak. She loves to play and she absolutely loves people.
How could anyone resist those big blue eyes?

Monday, July 02, 2007

mirror, mirror on the wall......

who is the most beautiful baby girl of them all? Why i think it is me!!!!!! Such a fun new stage for Gracie, she loves herself. She is her own new best friend. What a life!