Friday, January 12, 2007

I'm so big!

I am a big girl now. I eat like a champ and I am growing so much every day. My parents can't believe how much I have changed in such a short time. My hair is getting lighter and my face is getting a bit chubbier, I have heard thats whats in for babies my age. I do try to keep up with the trends while still maintaining my own individuality. Love ya all!


Anonymous said...

Gracie, you look JUST LIKE your beautiful Mommy! Your Mommy is an awesome woman and Aunt KK loves her like a sister. Aunt KK is so happy to have your Mommy in her life...she just loves her to pieces! I hope you inherit your Mommy's patience, compassion and generosity. You've already inherited her beauty...:) Love you!

Anonymous said...

She is just so sweet. I just can't believe she wears Maddie's premie stuff. Just blows my flipp'n mind!!! :) SO CUTE. We love you guys!!!