Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Two sweeties

Tuesdays are so fun here at our house. Maddie comes to play with Gracie for the early part of the day. We truly have so much fun. Madilyn loves to "hep beebee greecee" and give her Pat! Gracie just chills back and watches Maddie beebop around the house. I think it will be so fun when Gracie can chase Maddie around. What a blessing to be able to spend so much time with our precious neice. I love knowing that Maddie and Gracie will be so close as they grow up together. What fun!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

4 Months Old

Gracie is four months old today! Wow, I can't even believe it. She is growing so fast and we are truly loving every moment of her life. She is such a good baby girl. We are so blessed. She is giggling more and more often now. She still forgets how sometimes but she is a funny little girl. She spends most of her life smiling, cooing, babbling, and moving around. She is a wiggly worm to say the least. She moves non stop. When we place her on her play mat she will turn herself in the opposite direction and try to swing around from her toys. She eats great as you have seen from previous posts and she sleeps about 12 hours each night. Bed time is between 8 and 8:30 and she wakes up about 8am. She still wakes up for one feeding in the weee hours but that lasts about 15 min and she never really wakes up at all. We are so greatful for our little blessing and look forward to watching her grow more and more.

I love cereal!!!!

She does love to eat, well sort of. Sometimes she wears a lot of her cereal but hey, she's new at this spoon thing.

Flowers are bloomin.....

and so is Gracie. Or so it seems in this latest pic. Well anyway, Gracie loves to sit in her Bumbo chair on the kitchen counter and watch me cook, do the dishes or whatever. She is getting to be much more entertainable as she gets older. We just love this parenting thing, if you haven't yet you must give it a try :)

Chunky style

What glorious weather we have had this past weekend. The sun is out and the temp is warm and we are all lovin it. It seems like we haven't had nice weather in years, even if it has only been months. Well, needless to say our baby cakes is lovin the warm weather too. She loves to be naked and loves the outdoors as long as the wind isn't too gusty. This pic says it all. She loves to be naked, she loves to eat (as noted in the chunky thighs and chubby belly), she loves to lounge about and smile for anyone who wants one. She has done this new thing lately where she cries for her grandparents but that will be short lived. Life is grand here in the Hosford home God Bless!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Gracie loves her GiGi Snellink

So this pic is totally stolen from Aunt KK but it is just so precious. I had to steal and post so that absolutely nobody missed it. This is from Sun, April 15th. We were at mom and dad Hosfords to celebrate my birthday(26, holy moly!) and Gracie got to spend some quality time with her Gigi Snellink. She was mesmerized by grandma and we got some cute pics. What a treasure that Gracie has not only wonderful grandparents but a few great grandparents also. What a lucky gal. She loved seeing all her family yesterday, brunch with grandma and bumpa Carlson, Aunt Kelli, Uncle Sean and cousin Jonah. Then dinner with Aunt KelKel, Aunt KK, Uncle Aukin :), Aunt LoLo, Uncle Tom, Cousin Maddie and Gma and Poppa Hosford. Wow!! (And yes auntie KK, I have resolved my issues. Thanks for the love and support!)

Saturday, April 07, 2007


The time has come, and being the big girl that I am, I have willingly accepted that I must now eat cereal every night with dinner Yes it is true, I eat solid food now. Well I try at least. Sometimes it seems that I end up with most of it on my face and hands, and I guess my chest and legs as well. Its not easy people, give a girl a break. Bath time is now much more necessary, but I still love my bath as much as ever. The cereal has helped me sleep longer also. I get a good twelve hours in now with a quick snack in the early morning at about five or six. I talk a lot now with all sorts of different sounds and I giggle too, but that is still infrequent because sometimes I forget how to do it. Loves, Gracie Rae

Happy Easter!

I really love my Poppa and G~ma Hosford. We are so cute!
Happy little family on Easter after church at Blythefield hills. Gracie was an angel and even sang during praise and worship. She slept throught the sermon, sorry pastor Louie.
Grandma and Bumpa Carlson are the sweetest. I love them bunches. I also love my cute little dress.
My big cousin Jonah is great. He gives me lots of slobbery kisses. We love Grandma and Bumpa, they spoil us rotten.


Vacation was what I really needed. These last few months have been great but so busy. What with being fat and pregnant during the holidays, having a baby, and then figuring out the crazy new world of parenting, a vacation was just what the doctor ordered. I am sure everyone else enjoyed their time too, but I really loved it. I never had to answer the phone, although I missed the blogger I was glad to not have a computer, phone or mail box for a week. We were away and sometimes that is all you need to re-boot and energize to keep on going. I am very glad to be home but it was very nice to have missed it here. You know how it goes? I had a great time with the whole Hosford fam, Gracie had a good time with them too and I loved watching her grow and change in a new environment. I feel like somedays I was missing out on her true personality because of the monotony of day to day life. She is a sweet pea like none other I know. She has a sweet, mellow personality but has so much fun at times. She wished she could do more at times, I could see in her face that she wished she could follow her cousin Maddie around. She smiled so much, loved swimming, sat peacefully at the beach and napped like only a Hosford can. I really loved the time we spent as a family, in whole and in parts. A great growing and bonding experience. Love you guys!!!!

Aren't we hot?!!!! This was at the good ole Florabama! Sisters!! I love you all!

My sweetie pie! Kissing my cutie on the patio and Poppa and G-Ma's condo. Isn't it beautiful?

My crazy brown uncle

I love my crazy Uncle Austin, or is it Aukin? Well, anywho, we had a blast in the pool together. The first day I swam for over 40 minutes with him and Auntie KK. I have cool pics on their camera so I will post those whe I get them. I tried to impress upon him the need for sunblock but hey, who will look cuter when they turn 50 huh? skin cancer mean anything to you?? J/K unc, I love you brown.

Home, Sweet Home!

Gracie's little spot on the trip down, she was snug as a bug!
Yahoo! We made it to the beach and I love it here! This suit is pretty cute too!
I was made for the beach baby, I love just chillin in my beach bed.
A cute pic with the parents at Tacky Jacks on the bay, gorgeous night and great Shrimp!

Here we are, home from Alabama. We had a great Spring Break trip to the Gulf Shores, AL. We went with the Hosfords, the whole immediate family. We truly had a great trip. Dan, Tom, Lauren, myself, Madilyn and Gracelyn all drove together in Poppa Hos's new Suburban. What a ride, the trip down was perfect and the trip home was just as good. The girls were little angels the whole time. There were very few little outbursts and even then they were very short lived once the issue was dealt with. What a blessing to have such a wonderful trip. Us adults truly had a great time together. We stayed with them in a condo on the beach, the rest of the fam stayed a few floors below us in the same condos. We had a great week of weather save for the last day being chilly and the sun, sand and sand were as fabulous as I remembered them to be. These pics are just a start, there will be many more to follow. We had a great week and thank God for such a wonderful family and a safe and relaxing trip.