Friday, July 28, 2006

Smartest little girl!!

So the funnest and cutest thing I've seen lately? Well it has to be this darling little girl who is, not to bragbut, a genius child. Maddie does the most adorable thing, when I was over watching her on Tuesday I asked her, "Maddie- where's the baby? " She proceeds to get up from her riviting book, walk across the room smiling, and poke her finger into my belly and scream, "BEEEBEEEE!" She giggles and plays the drums on my big belly and I can't help but be the proudest Auntie in the world. She is only one and she gets it. She plays music for her cousin already, I hope that is an indication of how well they will play when this child is born. Anyway, we love you to pieces Maddie poo and we are so excited for you to have a cousin in a few more months.

Wonderful Wolbrinks!

Well I must say, we had a lovely time in Detriot last weekend with the Wolbrink family. The wedding was fun and fabulous and the company was exceptional. The family is one I have always felt a part of and Dan fit right in when he came along. They are truly the most generous and welcoming family I know, aside from my own. They are ultimately the funnest family as well. In short we love them all. This pic is my best friend Jen, who is due with her first child in February, and her Dan. We had a blast doing the girly wedding stuff and the boys had uninterrupted British Open golf watching time together. A passion they share. So fun that our husbands get along so well. Congrats to Lisa and Rolee Eggert on their nuptuals, and best wishes on the Mexican honeymoon and the move to Orlando, FL.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Hardy Dam!

So here's a fun pic of my first ever trip to the Hardy Dam. It was a day of boating and beaching with the Vanderwalls, Tom and Lauren, Aaron Vansoest, and the Lamencusa family- friends of Jason and Jo. What a fun and wonderfully relaxing day it was. Yes I am the one who looks like shes going to the yacht club. I can't help it, my scalp burns easily. Dan's the whitey boy in the front- nice hairy pits babe. This weekend we are headed to Detroit city for some fun with my best friend Jen Cooke and her family. It is her sister Lisa's wedding and we are looking forward to much fun with the Wolbrinks as is normal. Will post pics next week.

Well here it is- the 16 week along belly pic. Wow has it grown. I feel like everyday when i wake up there is less room than the day before. Oh joy, what fun to keep growing. We had our 16 week appointment yesterday and all is wonderful. Our Bubba has an amazingly strong heartbeat according to our OB. Its rate was between 157 and 164. Our OB said it sounds like a very happy baby. Active- so I should be able to feel it any day now. COOL!!!!! Loves to you all and thanks bunches for all your prayers and support, we couldn't do it all alone for sure.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Finally we know what the heck!!

Well here it is Friday morning and we finally just got answers to the question of whats wrong with me- healthwise at least. The name is Neurocardiogenic syncopy syndrome. What it means it that my body, for a number of different reasons, has the occasional need to "play dead". It means a very drastic drop in blood pressure, rapid decrease in heart rate, and therefore fainting with no prior symptoms. Anyone can have this but the likely cause for mine is the pregnancy stressing my body, dehydration, low sodium, heat exposure, and standing for prolonged periods of time. So here we have it, when it happens again I need to lay down immediately wherever I am until it subsides, get up very slowly, drink a large amount of water or gatorade and then likely I will feel wiped out for hours after. In prevention I need to minimize the stress I am under, I need to be "tanked up" with a mix of water and gatorade daily, and minimize the time I stand at one time and how much heat I am exposed to. I can't take away the pregnancy part so that just rides out the next 6 months or so. I would like to say THANKS so very very much to all of you who have called, prayed, and supported me through this rough week. The thoughts and help from everyone was so much appreciated and definitely helped me get through this. I love you all and hope I can support each of you as much as you have me. Thanks also to my beloved Dan who has been my rock. He has been more than I could have ever hoped for and kept me smiling through all the not so fun stuff. I love you dearly!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What in the heck???

Well no pictures for this post. I must say I think this pregnancy has turned me into a complete wussy pants. I can no longer do the things I think I can with as much ease as before. What the heck is all I can say. So I am at work yesterday, early in the day say about 0745 and talking to my second patient already and feeling fine, not seconds later the world was closing in on me and I was "passing out", going into a tunnel of black and stars. I have never done this before mind you so i am running to the closest couch to sit low to the ground with my head between my legs. A vision I assure you. Five minutes later there I sit by myself with no ability to get up without falling over. Well my manager being the dear that she is decides to take me to the ER to get checked out. Hours and hours later, after my beloved Dan has spent hours in the ER at Blodgett with me loving me and comforting me, I get to go home after many routine tests. Finally home but still woosy. Then awoken from my great nap, Dan tells me that the docs would like me to return to the ER for more routine tests, ie CAT scan. So I get there and have a large garden hose IV placed in my left arm, go through the scan with many heavy lead aprons around my abdomen and hips to protect little Bubba from the radiation, and wait-wait-wait for the results. Well guess what, all is well other than a slightly enlarged aorta which we will watch, and issues controlling low blood pressures. I am fine- and yet for some reason here I sit at home with nothing to do because I can't work right now until I see another doc- my OBGYN- on Wed. What the heck?? So call me lazt preggo and whatever else you want because here I sit at home. I can't wait to be back to my normal where I can go to work and actually get the job done, BUT I can't wait even more for our bleoved baby Hos to come join us in a healthy and happy state.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Fun in the Sun!

Fun on the beach in Elk Rapids for the holiday weekend. We had the greatest time chilling with our friends and some family too.
Jonah was the ultimate beach boy chillin with his shades on. What a great time we had bonding with our nephew. We love you tons Jonah boy.
Here's a pic I stole from Leanne. This is Dan and I sharing an elephant ear at the Cherry Festival in Traverse City. Wow was it good, but hey it wasn't for me it was for Bubba (aka Baby Hos). We had so much fun and are excited to have started a new tradition. Loves.

Battle of the Bulge!

Well here is the belly bulge in full force. We are about 14 weeks now and there is now no hiding it. Baby Hos is growing rapidly and mommy feels better and better every day. I am still fighting the gag reflex but hey, life could be worse. Will keep on posting as things go along. Next doc appt is the 20th. Loves from us three.