Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Holiday

We truly hope that your holiday was fantastic. We had an amazing week spent with lots of family and friends. Christmas week was a celebration from start to finish. Dan was home with us all week and we were truly spoiled to have him around helping mommy and palying with Gracie and Livvy.

We celebrated the true reason for the season- Christ- as well as our sweet Gracie turning 2 years old. What a fantastic gift she was 2 years ago and more so as we love her each day we are blessed with her. Christmas was blessed as usual and left us humbled by the Grace God has bestowed upon us all and His mercy. There will be more updates to follow and TONS of pics but for now we say. Goodnight and we hope your holiday was extra special.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Update on Livvy Jean

Livvy Jean has grown so much and hit some major Milestones lately. You should see this girl chow her cereal, she sure does love to eat:) She has even had applesauce a few times this past week (hey that cereal can bind a girl up, the bowels needed as little help) and LOVED every bite. She can sit up if propped and she loves to play in her exersaucer. She grabs for things and pulls toys closer, she rolls over like a champ and then gets stuck on her belly and screams until someone helps her:) Everything near her gets put into her mouth and slimed until unrecognizable. She "talks" and Gracie thinks its funny to impersonate her. Gracie really loves being a big sister and helping feed her, making her smile, giving her pacifier when she is screaming and saying, "Livvy no, no. That's terrible!" "Shush now!" We are relishing the joys of her "babyhood" which is coming to an end quickly. She sleeps like her daddy and sister too. 12 hours without a peep. We are SO blessed:)

Milestones Christmas Program

Sitting on poppas lap to enjoy the show.

Clapping for her friends who are singing their songs:)

Candy!!! What a great treat after her performance:)

Hooray! She was such a ham up on stage, we should have known:) She did all the motions and sang the words to her two songs. Her class sang one little, two little, three little reindeer and ring, ring, ring the bells :)

When she got onto the stage she yelled " Thats MY grandma!" and pointed to my mom, then she proceeded to tell the whole audience that her Poppas and her Meemaw where there also. How cute! No stage fright for this peanut:)

Gracie and her best friend Kate. These little girls bring lots of fun to Milestones older toddler room. According to their teacher they are always together- having fun or causing trouble:) If one of them is missing then the teachers can ask the other and they always have the answer as to where she is. What a fun memory as they get older:)

Silly Goose

These pics are in the wrong order but you can see this little sassafrass in her first try at using mommas makeup by herself. Eyeliner in a nice chocolate brown shade. What a little cheese ball, she thought she looked kinda funny with makeup on:) Oh the many joys of girls!

Thursday, December 04, 2008



A miracle :) (and they are both looking!)

Watching Dora together. Gracie proceeded to tell Olivia ALL about the whole show. It was very sweet.