Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Great Wolf Lodge

What a blast we had this past weekend up at the Great Wolf Lodge. We went with Sean, Kelli, Jonah, Mom and Dad Carlson. The kids had the time of thier lives and us adults didn't do so bad either. What a great place to get rid of the winter blues for a few days.
Ready for the water?
I love Aunt Kelli and crazy Uncle Sean
This place is so cool!
Show mommy the way Gracie.

Monday, February 25, 2008

WEEEEEEEEE! Gracie loved the slide and went down about 100 times. "Mo Peees!"
Wow, this expression was used frequently.

Hot tub with Dada
Sweet, this was entertainment for a long time!

I love my Gramma. I am SO sleepy!
Sacked out after playing for hours.
Refreshed and ready for more.
Grandpa, lets check that out.
Lovin from my cousin Jonah.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The big day!

Well just a quickie update. We are all healthy in our household now!!! Woohoo!! We thought it would never happen. We had an appt. with our OB/GYN yesterday afternoon. Baby Hos is doing great, still as active as ever. I have felt movement a few times now but only when I am very still and focused. It should be soon that I am feeling it all the time, this is one of my favorite parts of pregnancy. So we set up our 20 week appt and Ultrasound- you know- the one when we find out the sex of this baby child. The big day will be Monday March 24th. Only a little over a month away, I can't believe that. But I am glad its before we head off for vacay in Gulf Shores. Loves to all and heres to hoping your winter is fabulous!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Silly Goose

Happy belated Valentines to all. We hope your day was full of love. Our day was hilarious as Gracie was fullof beans yesterday. She had this desire to "wash" everything in the house. Her whole kitchen, the entire living room and so on. Her little wash cloth was her best buddy for over an hour- a long time for her normal attention span. What a trip she was, wiping everything she could get her little hands on, including mommy and Marley the dog.
When I felt that the cloth was sufficiently dirty I tried to take it away and at least clean it before giving it back but man did I get an ear full from her at that attempt.
You can't see it in this pic but the wash cloth was in the basket of her other new favorite toy- the bike she received as a gift for her first brithday. She rides it up and down the hallway, occasionally running into the wall and taking a dive off the seat. But she loves every minute of it. I also have an inkling that it is her weapon against the curious Mr Marley. She tries to run him over at times, but he thinks shes just palying :)

Happy Valentines from all of us to all of you!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Little sprout

Our little bean is still growing at light speed. She is quite adorable I might add. All her new words and little actions are getting funnier by the day. She continues to crack us up all the time. She has had quite the winter of sickness and we are truly looking forward to a healthy spring and summer. She is finally finishing up with her cough/cold and her double pink eye is all cleared up now. Praise the Lord that those are over. Sick babies break my heart! As seen in this lovely picture, Gracie has finally let mom start putting her crazy hair up and out of her eyes. It took quite a bit of convincing but now she seems to be ok with it most of the time. She looks like such a little girl to me now. No more baby.

She has also started to point at mommy's tummy and say "Babeeeee". How cute is that. I don't think she knows the implications of what that means but hey, shes only one! We have had good blessings so far with baby Hos. He/She is growing well and mommy feels tons better. The belly bulge is in full effect and that is weird again. How quickly we forget the joys of pregnancy! We hpe this finds you all wel this snowy season, stay warm and healthy. Loves!

February Update

Happy February to all. We truly hope this finds all of you well. Health has been an issue at our house this winter, we have all had colds, flu and all the snot that comes with it. We should hold stock in Kleenex for sure! Other than that, we have been doing very well. We have had a few OB/GYN appointments so far. Baby Hos is growing well and seems to have all the parts and pieces that a baby needs. We have a super cute ultrasound pic but I can't figure out how to put it on here, maybe someday. Dan is still working hard and looking forward to the snow melting so he can Golf again. I think that maybe my all day sickness is subsiding but it's hard to tell while I have all this snot and cruddy head stuff happening. I have been able to eat a bit more though, Hip Hip Hooray! Gracie has really been growing up FAST. SHe enjoys school where she is in the big kids class now. She is learning to eat on her own with a fork and spoon, she's pretty good but it can get VERY messy.

The pics show her sweet little self. Her favorite things to do are play, read, run, and CLIMB on everything possible. She still has her fearless nature so we have to watch her like a hawk. She has 9 teeth, four front teeth on top, four front teeth on bottom and her first big molar on the bottom right. The next molar is trying hard to pop through right now. DROOL is abundant. She loves to grab a book and back herself up onto her giant pink teddy's lap and sit and read her books. Thanks to Aunt KK for the fabulous Bear. Gracie is loving it bunches. She also loves to show off all her words. She says SO many things it is getting hard to count. She loves to sing- Itsy Bitsy Spider, Baa Baa Black sheep, Twinkle Twinkle Little star, and Patty cake. She will also teach you a dance move or two any time, any place. She is NOT a shy girl. Loves to all and hopes for a fabulous February.