Sunday, September 17, 2006

24 weeks and counting

Heres a pic of the belly bulge in full force. I am huge, yes its true. What can I do? Gracie is growing at light speed. We had a definite growth spurt this week agian. What fun. I am feeling her move lots more now and not just the kicking, i can feel her arms moving and her rolling around. Dan has felt her he thinks but nothing big yet. SOON! We have 24 week appt tomorrow and I get checked for gestational diabetes. This is a big week for us here at casa de Hosford. My cousin Dan, his wife Cheryl, and their four kids will be living with us for a few weeks. Should be fun. Also my best friend Jen will be in town with her hubby Dan. I can' t wait to see her. Then we have lots of house work to do, we are getting new carpet and painting three rooms. Out with the multicolored old nasty bedroom carpets and the frayed yucky burbur with Dog smell. Fresh start for baby. Loves!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Farewell to man(and woman)'s Best Friend!

Well here we go again, another fabulous part of life rearing its ugly head. What a fun week. Well our beloved doggie Patrick has decided that he has had enough of this life and is looking forward to being made whole in doggie heaven. He is no longer eating, can't really walk at all and any type of activity at all exhausts him completely. He is old and we are feeling that the time has come to send him off before he becomes any more miserable or painful. So tomorrow, Tuesday, afternoon we are taking him to be put to sleep at the Humane Society. We will miss him terribly as he has definitely been the best dog anyone could ever ask for. His life was long and filled with fun adventures and we feel like he enjoyed it to the fullest. God bless you Patrick and thanks for the great memories, you are irreplaceable and we loved you more than you will know.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Please pray!!!

Well, a today is a tough day in my life. I received a telephone call from my best friend Jen Cooke last night. I had spent a wonderful weekend with her last Sat and Sunday and she was supposed to be in GR for the holiday weekend as well. Well I thought the call would be related to finalizing plans for the weekend. However, I knew something was wrong as soon as I answered the call. She was calling to tell me that she and her husband Dan had lost their first child by miscarriage the night before. She was due Feb 26th or so and was into her 17th week. WOW! They are an amazing couple and trust that this tragedy was part of Gods ultimate plan and there was a reason He needed their baby in His Kingdom immediatly. They are still terribly heartbroken as are all of us who love them so much. Please please pray for the Cooke family in St Louis, MO as they transition back into a normal life and as her body heals so they can try and conceive again. Jen and Dan we love you dearly and are so sorry for your loss, we are greiving with you and praying for Gods continued peace as your hearts heal and grow from this trial.