Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer fun!

Livvy and Uncle Sean chilling on the patio
Snuggle time with Auntie Kelli, well she was pretty chilled out at this point:)
Spit happens!!!!!!!
Sweet Gracie being the best big sister in the world. She is such a huge helper and adores her little "shisher". She is growing into such a girl now- she has gone potty on the big girl potty over a dozen times and frequently asks us to go. So we decided that next week is go time. Full on potty training begins. Next week will also be her first week in the older toddler class at school. She is making such huge strides in her language and social development and so it's time to move on up!
Daddy with his two little sweeties. We are so blessed to have the greatest, most loving, patient, fun, and super helpful daddy. He is so involved and spends such quality time with his girls. We love you Daddy and think you are the best in the whole world!!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Three weeks old

Well time sure does fly by. Livvy is already three weeks old. She is still a rockstar baby and we are loving it up for sure. She is gaining weight slowly but surely and filling in some of her skin wrinkles daily. She eats great and poops more than I deserve. Gracie is truly the best big sister we could have hoped for. She is really loving her little sis and helping a lot for a toddler. Her language skills continue to amaze us and she is learning SO fast. She really is incredible and God has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams with these two girls. Hope life is grand with you all and everyone is enjoying the gorgeous weather lately, we have!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Bye-bye Marley

We are sad to have to say adios to another member of our family. Marley will be leaving us on Saturday morning to go live a long and fabulous life with a young couple in Muskegon. They are going to give him tons of love and ALL the exercise and play time that we are not able to. We have felt that it is not fair to our excitable little puppers that we don't have enough time to devote to him daily. Praise the Lord for our neighbor who has been loving on him and walking him daily. She has allowed us more time to have him but we realize that he needs a home where he will be the center of attention and this new home will be just that. In our home we love him bunches but the girls are the center of our world and Marley suffers from that. Please pray the he transitions well and that we learn to live without a pet for now.

Another great week!

Check it out! Her eyes are open. Yes, she is awake some of the time. We are still waiting for the inevitable doom of the second baby but for now these two weeks have been a joy. Livvy is truly an angel and allows momma about 6-7 hrs of sleep every night, 5 in a row at least. What a blessed angel. We are really enjoying having her in our fam.
Playing with Poppa. Dan and I are SOOO amazingly blessed to have such incredible families. The love and support are endless for us as well as our beautiful girls. When you love a child as much as we do it is hard to imagine others could too. And yet our families and friends do. We have had so many visits, offers to watch Gracie, meals and gifts given, and just plain and simple love shown for our family. We cannot even begin to express our extreme gratitude and appreciation. We honestly love you all and wish we could tell you how much you are loved by us but words would never suffice. God bless you for blessing us and we pray that someday we can show you all how much you are loved.
Here is a pic of Gracie showing off her new do. She is now able to sport a full on pony tail. Her fluff still needs a barrett to hold it back but the hair is in a pony. Who would have guessed before she was two?? I love it!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Livvy Jean

Hanging with Uncle Tom and Auntie Lolo. What a lot of lovin this little angel is getting, she has such a fun filled, full of love life ahead of her.
Stretching out on the fuzzy blanket. She is such an easy going baby so far- no drama at all. Just eat, sleep (a LOT), and poop. What a life!
Snug as a bug- she is a little snuggler for sure. She loves to spend time in my little peanut shell sling. She is so cozy and warm that it puts her to sleep almost instantly.
Livvy just loves all the smooches and loving she gets from her big sister. Gracie is intrugued by her and the little noises she makes. She doesn't cry much but Gracie is always very concerned when she does. She checks on her right away and pats her belly and says "it's ok Livvy, it's ok." I hope this concern keeps going as they grow up together.
Livvy poolside at Silver Lake CC. We spent a gorgeous weekend of fabulus weather by the pool and Livvy enjoyed all the fresh air, she slept the days away and had a few moments of being awake and checking out the poolside activity- watching Gracie swimming with daddy, gamma and poppa. We will contnue to enjoy the warm weather and sunny summer days with our girls. Bless you the rest of your summer- ENJOY!!!!

Livin the life of the Big Sister

Here is Gracie helping dad with some of the chores around the house after Livvy and mommy came home from the hospital. She has been such a great helper and really seems to enjoy the Big girl role.
Gracie and gamma checking out baby Livvy in one of her rare awake moments. They are few and far between right now but we know that will change all too quickly.
Having some alone time on the kitchen floor with her magnets.
Showing off what a big girl she is becoming. She has grown up so fast and I am trying to figure out how to slow it all down and enjoy the time that I have my "babies" around. Life is flying by but we are thoroughly enjoying the ride with our little loves!
Poolside at Silver Lake. We enjoyed a lot of the weekend poolside at the club, Gracie has learned how to swim on her own with just her floaties on her arms. What a big girl- she has no fear and will try most anything. She loves floating on her back with her head in the water. How cute is she?