Thursday, June 22, 2006

Oh Baby!

Sorry no pics but we went to the doctor for our first true OB appt today. We are twelve weeks along now and finally reaching some milestones. We heard the heartbeat for the first time today- 170 bpm just chuggin along. So cool and I giggled right out loud when we heard it. Also, my uterus is less than and inch below my belly button so the belly is really starting to bulge now. Oh it will only get worse, However, I did lose 6 pounds in the past month. Interesting since I haven't even been sick. Must be all the healthy foods I crave- peaches, raspberries, apples. Oh and don't forget the peanut butter toast. Well all else is well and we will see the doc again in a month. Will post a pic of the belly bulge when I get a cuter one. Loves to all.

Best Friends!

So anyone who truly knows me and knows anything about my best friend Jen Cooke, knows the story behind our friendship. BUT, to humor those who don't I will tell it here. So background, we met in 8th grade at RMS and became friends fast. We only lived in the same city as friends for about 6 months before her family moved to Pinkney,MI. We remained best friends reagrdless of our circumstances and only saw each other about once or twice a year. During college sometimes less. Anyway, one day I called to tell her I was dating a guy named Dan. She told me that she was too. So I told her one day that I thought I was going to marry this Dan, and she told me that she was going to marry hers too. So to cut a long story short this happened quite frequently over the next few years where she would call or vice versa and we would say, "oh my gosh, me too!" All our major milestones have been shared together and so last weekend she was here in MI, she lives in St Louis, MO, for her sisters bridal shower so I went to see her. I commented that I couldn't beleive that I was pregnant and she wasn't. Then beleive it or not, she told me she was also. Two months behind me thats all. It is so fun and exciting BUT also slightly creepy. I pray that nothing bad ever happens in her life. Loves bunches to my best friend Jen and her Dan on their impending arrival. God Bless!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Big Ticket Concert

So we had a blast this past weekend in Gaylord. What a great event!! So much fun and easy as pie. You get your two day wristband, come and go as you please, eat great food, and watch the best (and sometimes worst) of christian music all day and night. The Catts sure know hospitality as always and we just had a great time of rest and relaxation. Much needed. We took Dave and Wendy- the rents with and had as much funa s ever with them. How blessed we are with spectacular parents. The pic only has some of us but you will note that it was butt cold at night. The first night we watched Casting Crowns put on a great closing concert (they did talk a lot though). Then Saturday night we absolutely rocked out to Newsboys, I tell you they rival the best rock and roll show out there. And oh boy that Duncan on the drums- spinning upside down and sideways- what a treat. Loved it!!!

Friday, June 09, 2006

More updates...

Ok so here is a belated pic of my cousin Alison, mom and myself from a few weekends ago. Ali is getting married in three weeks and we had her shower in GR. She and her hubby to be Bryan are residents of Berkley,MI- which is a suburb of Detroit. I think this pic is cute. Well in other news, I am still feeling pretty great, I have days when I feel less than rockstar but overall, nothing much to complain about. So on to baby news right, since that really is the most exciting thing in our lives right now. We are about two weeks away from our first appt with our doc, then we can hear the heartbeat- we saw it early on but could not hear it yet. The babe is growing fast and now is said to be about the size of a plump strawberry. Cool!! We are around ten weeks along and my belly is definitely starting the bulge. Right now it is not very cool sounding but I have a bump that stems from the baby and my uterus pushing my bowel outward to make more room. So when I touch my bump it is hard now but still not the baby. But can I say, even though I totally look chubby, I love that i have distended bowel so our babys home is happier. Loves to all. We will be in Gaylord with the Catts this weekend. Fun Christian music concert weekend. Will post that early next week.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

A little update...

Well no new pics for right now but I did need to post a little update. All is well in the Hosford home right now. Dan had a great weekend getaway to the Grand Traverse Resort with twelve other guys to golf and relax. I had a fun time home in the sweltering heat with my friend Sara and her dog Sadie. We just chilled all weekend long. Then came Monday and I worked the holiday while Dan stayed home with the stomach flu, YUCK! Then Monday night I woke up with the stomach flu and was up all night. Yuck!!! So now we are healthy, happy and looking forward to a fun Michigan summer. Work is busy for both of us but thats good and keeps us going. Baby Hos is growing well and keeping mommy as tired as shes ever been but hey, could be worse. I feel great otherwise. No big belly yet but its "puffing out" more and more every day. Notably due to the fact that I have no ab muscles to speak of so nothing to hold it in any longer. Need new clothes and all that fun stuff. Loves to you all, will post pics when something worth while comes up.