Monday, January 22, 2007

A visit from the Cookes

Sunday was a great day. My best friend Jen and her husband Dan came into town from St Louis, MO. They came to meet baby Gracelyn and it was so great to share this special time in my life with my best friend forever. We had a nice breakfast and then just chatted for a few hours while holding/rocking a fussy Gracie. She was afflicted with some major gas pain issues yesterday and we spent about eight hours with a screaming child. A brief glimpse of what some amazing moms have to deal with on a regular basis. (You rock Kelli!) Now today, Monday, she is back to being angel baby Gracie and we welcome her with grateful hearts, it is so hard to see your normally content child in such discomfort. Praise the Lord she is content again!


Kris and Leanne said...

cute picture. i love your hair tracy. you're such a rock star. :o)

Sean, Kelli & Jonah said...

You are a great Red Head by the way! Hot Mamma!