Sunday, January 18, 2009

Please pray!!!

Please pray for one of my co-workers here in the Burn unit. Mary just lost her home of 25 years in a fire tonight in Ionia. It is very early but she told me that she has lost EVERYTHING and that her home is a TOTAL loss. She is the sweetest lady and has endured many hardships in her life already. 2 days ago she was blessed with her first grand daughter. She is devastated about this and I know she needs LOTS of prayer. There are few details to give at this point but her, her husband, and their two dogs were not harmed. I covet your prayers for her and her family as they deal with this traumatic event. I will update with any news as I can. Thanks for prayers!!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy New Year!

Should anyone REALLY be allowed to wake up with hair this gorgeous???? Gracie Rae is one lucky lady- one day she will realize this blessing I am sure.

Livvy Jean is such a happy baby. She really spends most of her time smiling, playing, eating or sleeping. We are really loving watching her personality emerge. She can sit up on her own pretty well, tips every now and then. She is tall and solid and almost 6 months old. Our BABY is getting too big:)

Gracie with her beloved poppa, reading a story and eating her favorite- POPCORN. ( and no I didn't take our Christmas stuff down until a few days ago;)

Gracie and Laney bug at the Childrens musuem. We are members so if anyone wants a playdate, the invites open.

So far 2009 has proven to be a great year. We are all happy, mostly healthy but for the occasional sniffles, and looking forward to some fun plans this year. We look back on 2008 with many smiles and a few tears. A great year to welcome our second child and realize our blessings as parents. We are truly amazed by His grace and mercy in our lives. We hope your 2009 is blessed beyond all earthly measure.