Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Who me?? You want me to say cheese?? Holy moly- check out those baby blues!
Our baby is more and more a BIG girl these days. She is feeling much better and the sass is back in full force. Time out is a wonderous thing however, and since the initiation of that we have had a little girl that listens much better now- for the most part ;)
She just doesn't even look like a baby anymore. Where has the time gone? She will be a sister in just 10 weeks or less. WOW!!!! We love you bunches Gracie Rae- you bring us more joy than we can comprehend and we are SO blessed to be your parents.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Zoo fun

So we had a great time at the John Ball Park zoo yesterday. Kelli, Jonah and Laney, Lauren and Madilyn, and Gracie, meemaw Carlson, and I all went while the dads are on a golf getaway in Traverse City. Our kids were totally wonderful and we couldn't have had more fun. They enjoyed all the different animals, riding the camel, brushing the baby goats, petting the goats and cow in the petting zoo, eating push pops and slushies, and just watching ALL the other poeple that were packed in to the zoo. What a gorgeous day to be outside and enjoy the sunshine too. Sorry for no pics but Lauren has some great ones on her blog- check them out!! Happy Memorial Day!

Rough days

How tough to be a toddler. Poor little Gracie Rae has had a bit of a rough go of it for the past week or so. She has just not been herself and so Mommy tried eevrything and then buckled and took her to the doctor. She has had a sinus infection that has probably been giving her quite a headache, it has been draining into her throat and causing her upper airway congestion also. She has a hacky cough, intermittent fevers, and on top of it all- she is teething a couple of rotten little teeth. What a wreck we have on our hands. I must say that she is a trooper though. Now with a heavy dose of antibiotics to take for the next two weeks, she has to eat yogurt every day (which thankfully she likes) and she has diarrhea that has made her bottom raw even with the prescription magic butt cream and screams ever time she poops or pees in her diaper. Oh the joys of toddler hood- and she tried so hard to get here as quickly as possible. We love our little peach and are looking forward to her feeling top notch again soon. She is still as sweet as sugar and we know it will be even better when she is on top of her game. Loves from us and enjoy your holiday weekend- Let the SUN shine on!!!!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Bye Bye Grandpa

Well Grandpa Hosford has finally gone to be with his heavenly family this morning in the wee hours. He has been very weak and ill for quite some time now and we are greatful that his suffering is over. He has had such a huge impact on this family and will be dearly missed. So many qualities Dan has are from Grandpa and they truly enjoyed many of the same things in life. There are moments when Gracie will even do something and Dan says, "that was just like grandpa!" So please be in prayer for the Hosford family as we grieve and say goodbye to another dearly beloved family member. God speed grandpa, enjoy your new heavenly home!!!

School fun!

Gracie just absolutely loves being at school on Mondays and Fridays. She spends half days twice a week at Milestones child development center so mommy can work. It has been the best thing for our family. Reasonable rates, the BEST teachers in town who love Gracie with all their hearts, fun kids, small class sizes, and a great curriculum that keeps Gracie interested and learning something new everytime she goes. It was a hard decision initially, but by Gods blessing we have come to decide that this is the best thing for us.

Last week Gracie's class was learning about different sensory experiences. They got to strip down to their diapers and play with shaving cream at the table. She was so overjoyed at the mess she was allowed to make.
They also had sno cone day the previous week when the weather was unseasonably warm. She enjoyed the taste, texture, and temperature experience this provided. Thank you Milestones for being such a caring, loving, and fun environment for our sweetie to learn in.