Thursday, February 22, 2007

Congratulations to my best friend Jen!

Yahoo! My best friend Jen and her husband Dan are expecting a child that is due in August! A summer baby. I am just thrilled to death for her. They are so excited to be parents and I can't wait to share the experience of motherhood with her. I love you guys and could not be any more thrilled!!! Now if you could please move back from St. Louis that would be even more perfect. This picture is of them and Gracie in early January when they came here to meet her. It was a great time to visit and I can't believe that she kept her pregnancy a secret while she was here.

Farewell Grandpa!

Sad times in the Hosford home once again. Late Wednesday night we lost our dear grandfather, Don Snellink. It happened very quickly and peacefully with most of his family at his bedside. Please be in prayer for the family as this was a bit of a shock and so as time passes we learn to deal with the reality of the events.
Grandpa was undergoing chemo and radiation treatments for another bout of cancer which we now know had spread to all his organs. On wednesday morning he went in for one of those treatments not feeling very well and having difficulty breathing. He was getting very sick fast. He was found to have a double pnuemonia, severe dehydration, and a perforated bowell which had leaked into his abdomen and caused severe infection. He survived long enough to have most of his family with him, even his son Jim from Indianapolis. He passed through the pearly gates to meet his Savior so peacefully.
We ask for prayers for grandma Ruth to have His ultimate peace and comfort. She has lost her very best friend, her partner in life for sixty years. We will all miss him, his company at family gatherings, his stories of past trips and adventures, and most of all his love and kindness to all who came in contact with him.

Baby Chubbo!

So I am such a big girl now and I weigh eleven pounds at 2 months old. I love to eat and my new chubby rolls on my legs, arms and neck can vouch for that. Life is so good!
I smile an awful lot these days, I also like to talk a lot. Coos, babbles, blahs and sighs are my favorite forms of communication. I would love to snuggle you and smile at you if you want to come visit. Mom says its the cutest thing in the world, you don't want to miss that do you?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Where has the time gone?

As I sit here lounging in my tub I wonder, where has all the time gone? I am almost two months old and I just can't believe it. I have truly enjoyed all this life that I have lived, the last two weeks have been a bit of a struggle as I fight the battle of the gas bubbles almost every day. But me and mommy manage to find enough sleep eventually and I win the battle every time. Somedays the battle just lasts longer. I am getting pretty big now, I smile all the time and at anyone who smiles at me. I can hold my head up very well and I follow things with my eyes too. I am talking more now also, I can coo and sometimes even babble. I hope everyone enjoys their mid winter breaks. I will be chilling at home with mom and dad watching movies and playing.

Welcome Josiah York

So one of my dear friends, who happens to live in Tibet, just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Josiah. Tamara and Jamin York welcomed him to the world on Wednesday in Thailand. Congrats guys and best wishes.

Just a quick note to check out the new pics on the Bibler blog. They are adorable for sure. Great weekend spent with lots of fam and good news for the Carlsons. Loves to you!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Life at seven weeks old

Well at times I suppose it can get kind of boring because I really just lay around all day. Mom an dad are pretty cool to hang out with and they try and keep me occupied.
I really love snuggling with my grandparents. I also really love my really cool aunts and uncles, I do wish I could see some of them more often though. I am still a good girl but these gas bubble issues just don't want to cooperate sometimes and then mom and I have to spend some quality time in the wee hours. Not often though thank goodness. I am growing steadily and I am still so darn cute and irresistable. Loves to you all.

I love my rainforest!

I love hanging out under my rainforest gym. It is so fun to watch all the animals and the lights. Oh the simplicity of being a baby!

Growing and Changing!

I am getting so big! I am still a very happy baby but I do get a little crazy when I get gassy. Sometimes I also like to stay up for a while in the middle of the night just to see whats its like. But not often because mom doesn't like that so much. We all know that when mom's not happy aint nobody happy! I smile quite a bit now and on Sunday I will be 6 weeks old already. Super bowl sunday baby! I am ready for the big game and I'm going to watch it with my linebacker of a cousin Jonah, who better? I love to snuggle still so please don't hesitate to come over and cuddle me. I went on a few big outings this week. Tuesday I went for a long walk at the mall, I really wanted to shop but I just can't reach the clothes yet. Then on Thursday I went to lunch with Aunt Lauren, Cousin Maddie and Grandma Hos. We went to visit Joel and Sabrina at the Corner Bar. Yummy!!Enjoy the Super bowl this weekend, Go Colts! (I am a Peyton Manning fan)

Lounging in the tub

I love chilling in the warm cozy bath. There is just not many things better than a nice soak to make you feel like a new person. Well wait, I guess I am kind of a new person :)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Star Wars rules!

Our little neice Madilyn is now the ultimate Star Wars fan. I must say it is the cutest thing I have ever seen. She loves to see "Chewie", "Yoda", and Luke and the gang. The Imperial March is her new favorite song, oh and she totally does the dance to it also. And she does the best Darth Vadar impression I've seen in my life. She may be a fan of the dark side but Maddie you are a bright light in our life. We love you lots and lots our little Ewok!