Sunday, August 12, 2007

GR Sports Hall of Fame

Thursday night we spent the evening at the Van Andel arena. We were invited to be a part of the GR Sports Hall of Fame indcution ceremony. The GVSU 2002 National Championship football team was being inducted. Dan and Tom were both senior leaders on that team. We are very proud of "our boys" for the accomplishments made that year and now for the recognition that is well deserved.

This pic is of the Boys and the GVSU athletic director Tim Selgo. Dan and Tom on the bottom row and Mike Hoad, Aaron Hien, and Curt Anes with Tim in the top row. We are so proud of all "Our boys"!!
Now here is the real picture of all the beauties of the night. Brooke Hein, myself decked out in the new hair do, Lolo sporting her sassy self, and Lindsey Miracle (soon to be Anes). Thanks Lor for the fabulous pics as always.


The Bibler's said...

CONGRATS to Dan (and Tom, of course) from an extremely proud sister and brother-in-law!!! GO LAKERS!!

Rob, Leticia, Madisyn & Landon said...

That's great that Dan and Tom got such an honorable award! I love the hair cut! Short hair looks fantastic on you. Hope you're doing well!

Chris, Ashley, and Skylar said...

new hair cut looks good, short hair seems easier with a little one!

Travis & Kristi Catt said...

How exciting! Congratulations to Dan! Tracy - I know you're going to be in shock but I did just make a new post to our blog...I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and actually keep it updated...we'll see how it goes!

hope to see you guys soon!


Kris & Leanne said...

you look hot. both of you.

Anonymous said...