Tuesday, August 21, 2007

8 Months old

Oh My!! I can't believe it, I am already 8 months old. Woah! I don't know where the time has gone. I must say being older and wiser that I am truly enjoying this journey called life. I pack as much fun into every day as I can and cherish all the time I have with the people I love. I love to Go Go Go, but then there is always time for a bit of a snuggle and snooze. As you can see in the picture(above my right eye), now that I am on the go those adults in my life can't always keep up and with me climbing up bookcases and all, sometimes I slip. Whoops! No problem though, I have learned to take the bumps and bruises because all the fun is worth it. I am looking forward to my first Rockford football game tonight. I will cheering on Ralph, Brogan Bibler and the rams to a victory. A note from my parents: We are truly trying to enjoy each moment of this time while Gracie is still small. She grows so fast we don't want to miss a thing. She is learning so quickly that she teaches us new things all the time. Life through the eyes of a child~There is truly nothing quite like it. Enjoy the Fall!!


Rachel said...

Awww poor baby. I remember when Samantha had a giant goose-egg on her little head. She's turned out fine I think. ;) We have to get together again soon before school starts!


The Bibler's said...

Happy 8-Month old day!! We love you oh so much, pretty girl! I hope your noggin feels better soon...:)

And yay for the Rams! I hope you're still going to the rescheduled game to cheer on Ralph and Brogan! They will both love to hear you scream! Hope to see you there! **BIG KISS**

Travis & Kristi Catt said...

I can't believe how old she's getting! She's so beautiful! Just like her Momma :)
Hope to see you guys soon!


leanne said...

... i miss you guys.
gracie is more adorable all the time.
love you!!!
- L

Sean, Kelli & Jonah said...

It was so good to hang out with you guys on Thursday, thanks for the hugs & kisses Gracie baby. Love Auntie Kelli

Tom, Lauren and Madilyn said...

I can't believe that she is 8 months. I'm in denial. :) Smooches from her Auntie.