Thursday, August 02, 2007

Breaking out!

Much to mommy's dismay, Gracie can now pull herself up. What? I know, I thought I had some time to deal with the whole crawling thing. But no, she decided to go with it and learn another new trick. I am getting blown away by my little smarty pants. After her nap on Friday I walked into her room and there she was standing up to greet me with a huge smile. Then she wanted to play Peek-a-boo. What a crazy girl. She is certainly loving all the fun new things she is learning, she can change her scenary anytime she wants and that is a riot. Watch your step at the Hosford home folks, she is definitely on the move. Our home is well on its way to being baby proofed. Gates, outlet covers, drawer and cupboard locks, etc. Wow! Oh, and if you noticed her hair is long enough for barrets now. Cool!