Friday, August 17, 2007

Party time!

So I know I am belated but what can I say. Better late than never! Last weekend we had a party at my in-laws to celebrate Jamie's 52nd birthday and Katie's 25th birthday. What a blast we had. It was a late party for sure. Dan and I left around 1am and the party apparently continued till 3:30am. WOW! It was a definite success. A great group of people to spend an evening with. Super music also with our sort-of cousin Tim and his band Relapse. Fab-U-Loso!

Pre party Gracie was riding her favorite animal in the world, Landon- Aunt Kelkels doggie.
The girls getting ready for the party and just chatting together enjoying the company.
Gracie was quite tired and just turned and passed out on her Grampas tummy. What a great place for a nap!
Friends and family hanging around on the deck. We had a riot just chilling together and catching up.
A few snacks to start the evening and once again, just catching up with good friends. We really enjoyed the night. Thanks to all who were able to attend. Oh and one more note- this night was our first childless night in 7 1/2 months. Gracie had her first "spendie" with Gramma and gramps Carlson. She did great and loved all the fun and spoiling she got. We took advantage of the break and slept in till 10:30 and then went to brunch. Then we missed our pumpkin so much we had to go and get her. Thanks G&G Carlson.