Friday, August 31, 2007

Go Lakers!

So last night I experienced my first Lakers game at Lubbers stadium. What a blast! I just love Football games. I am not incredibly interested in the players or the rules of the game but all the people rock! There are bright ligts and loud music, lots of screaming and dancing and jumping. I will definitely be a Laker super fan for life.
Daddy was so proud of me and how good I was. I was very friendly and met lots of new people. SOOO many people told me how beautiful I was. I even hung out with President Haas for awhile and got smooches from him. I saw my gramma, Gigi, Poppa, Aunt KK, and uncle Aukin. I was spoiled!


The Bibler's said...

YAY!! Uncle Aukin and Aunt KK are so glad we got to share your first GVSU game with you!! You were SUCH a good girl the whole night! And I am SOOOOO impressed that you can High Five now!! You truly are super loved, Miss Gracie Rae! We love you so much!

Anonymous said...

Gracie, you were so good and so cute!!! I know that Carson has a major crush on you, but why wouldn't he?! Can't wait to see you at the next Laker game.

The Cooke's said...

Daddy looks so proud. Maybe someday Gracie will be on the field.