Friday, July 07, 2006

Fun in the Sun!

Fun on the beach in Elk Rapids for the holiday weekend. We had the greatest time chilling with our friends and some family too.
Jonah was the ultimate beach boy chillin with his shades on. What a great time we had bonding with our nephew. We love you tons Jonah boy.
Here's a pic I stole from Leanne. This is Dan and I sharing an elephant ear at the Cherry Festival in Traverse City. Wow was it good, but hey it wasn't for me it was for Bubba (aka Baby Hos). We had so much fun and are excited to have started a new tradition. Loves.


Aubrey said...

Your lucky little Bubba, getting a treat like that! Oh, the things you'll do for your baby.
It was fun reading about your new tradition. Your kids are going to have such great family memories. Love you! See you in just over a week!