Friday, July 28, 2006

Smartest little girl!!

So the funnest and cutest thing I've seen lately? Well it has to be this darling little girl who is, not to bragbut, a genius child. Maddie does the most adorable thing, when I was over watching her on Tuesday I asked her, "Maddie- where's the baby? " She proceeds to get up from her riviting book, walk across the room smiling, and poke her finger into my belly and scream, "BEEEBEEEE!" She giggles and plays the drums on my big belly and I can't help but be the proudest Auntie in the world. She is only one and she gets it. She plays music for her cousin already, I hope that is an indication of how well they will play when this child is born. Anyway, we love you to pieces Maddie poo and we are so excited for you to have a cousin in a few more months.