Friday, June 09, 2006

More updates...

Ok so here is a belated pic of my cousin Alison, mom and myself from a few weekends ago. Ali is getting married in three weeks and we had her shower in GR. She and her hubby to be Bryan are residents of Berkley,MI- which is a suburb of Detroit. I think this pic is cute. Well in other news, I am still feeling pretty great, I have days when I feel less than rockstar but overall, nothing much to complain about. So on to baby news right, since that really is the most exciting thing in our lives right now. We are about two weeks away from our first appt with our doc, then we can hear the heartbeat- we saw it early on but could not hear it yet. The babe is growing fast and now is said to be about the size of a plump strawberry. Cool!! We are around ten weeks along and my belly is definitely starting the bulge. Right now it is not very cool sounding but I have a bump that stems from the baby and my uterus pushing my bowel outward to make more room. So when I touch my bump it is hard now but still not the baby. But can I say, even though I totally look chubby, I love that i have distended bowel so our babys home is happier. Loves to all. We will be in Gaylord with the Catts this weekend. Fun Christian music concert weekend. Will post that early next week.


Aubrey said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe that's Alison. And that she's getting MARRIED!!! She was in high school for your wedding. That makes me the last single person in your wedding party. Yikes.
I'm so excited to hear about the little growing bulge in your belly. I can't wait to come home and get to see you turning into a mommy!
Love you, darling!