Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Big Ticket Concert

So we had a blast this past weekend in Gaylord. What a great event!! So much fun and easy as pie. You get your two day wristband, come and go as you please, eat great food, and watch the best (and sometimes worst) of christian music all day and night. The Catts sure know hospitality as always and we just had a great time of rest and relaxation. Much needed. We took Dave and Wendy- the rents with and had as much funa s ever with them. How blessed we are with spectacular parents. The pic only has some of us but you will note that it was butt cold at night. The first night we watched Casting Crowns put on a great closing concert (they did talk a lot though). Then Saturday night we absolutely rocked out to Newsboys, I tell you they rival the best rock and roll show out there. And oh boy that Duncan on the drums- spinning upside down and sideways- what a treat. Loved it!!!


Russ and Amy said...

sounds like fun! Upside down drumming has got to be easier than right side up... right side up is hard enough!!!!
Anyway, We added you to guys to our links too...
Dan - I've had my warm up for golf, I'm ready for that match when you are...

R & A

Aubrey said...

Oh, JEALOUSY! Apart from the cold, that sounds like so much fun! Trace, didn't we see the Newsboys together on your birthday freshman year? Or was that Third Day. I just really remember dinner with Sonicflood. Good times. Yeah for fun Christian music.
Love you! See you SOON!

Anonymous said...

Yeah it was a blast other than the COLD nights!! Thanks for taking the old folks along. Always a treat to hang out with you! And Newsboys were the best ever! Praise God for great christian musicians like that!

Love you guys