Thursday, June 01, 2006

A little update...

Well no new pics for right now but I did need to post a little update. All is well in the Hosford home right now. Dan had a great weekend getaway to the Grand Traverse Resort with twelve other guys to golf and relax. I had a fun time home in the sweltering heat with my friend Sara and her dog Sadie. We just chilled all weekend long. Then came Monday and I worked the holiday while Dan stayed home with the stomach flu, YUCK! Then Monday night I woke up with the stomach flu and was up all night. Yuck!!! So now we are healthy, happy and looking forward to a fun Michigan summer. Work is busy for both of us but thats good and keeps us going. Baby Hos is growing well and keeping mommy as tired as shes ever been but hey, could be worse. I feel great otherwise. No big belly yet but its "puffing out" more and more every day. Notably due to the fact that I have no ab muscles to speak of so nothing to hold it in any longer. Need new clothes and all that fun stuff. Loves to you all, will post pics when something worth while comes up.


Gabriel & Rachel said...

Dan and Tracy,

I realize this is a bit overdue but congratuations on the news! Very exciting. I remember when us girls were just talking about how much Kelli wants us to join the mother stage in life and here you are joining the team. Best wishes with everything.


Aubrey said...

Hello darling:
I'm sorry to hear about your less-than-thrilling holiday! But I'm glad that things are back to normal, or at least as normal as they'll be for a while. The new normal, I guess.
I'm so glad that you got me into doing this; it's awesome to read about your life and still feel connected from so far away. Love you, babe. And Dan, too. And baby Hosford.
Bye darling,

Russ and Amy said...

Hey guys,
Nice blog. Again, congrats on the baby thing... really cool.
Glad to hear everything's well with you guys... and that Dan has been golfing, maybe he could compete w/ me now.

-Russ (and Amy)