Thursday, June 22, 2006

Best Friends!

So anyone who truly knows me and knows anything about my best friend Jen Cooke, knows the story behind our friendship. BUT, to humor those who don't I will tell it here. So background, we met in 8th grade at RMS and became friends fast. We only lived in the same city as friends for about 6 months before her family moved to Pinkney,MI. We remained best friends reagrdless of our circumstances and only saw each other about once or twice a year. During college sometimes less. Anyway, one day I called to tell her I was dating a guy named Dan. She told me that she was too. So I told her one day that I thought I was going to marry this Dan, and she told me that she was going to marry hers too. So to cut a long story short this happened quite frequently over the next few years where she would call or vice versa and we would say, "oh my gosh, me too!" All our major milestones have been shared together and so last weekend she was here in MI, she lives in St Louis, MO, for her sisters bridal shower so I went to see her. I commented that I couldn't beleive that I was pregnant and she wasn't. Then beleive it or not, she told me she was also. Two months behind me thats all. It is so fun and exciting BUT also slightly creepy. I pray that nothing bad ever happens in her life. Loves bunches to my best friend Jen and her Dan on their impending arrival. God Bless!


Sean, Kelli & Jonah said...

What a gift! Tracy, you and Jen are going to have so much fun going through this time in your lives together. It was very special for kristen and I to share! Enjoy every sec!

Aubrey said...

That is so amazing! But for some reason, it just doesn't surprise me! The similarities have always been there, why not this, too? Just think how cute it would be to give them the same name. Well, maybe not.