Monday, January 21, 2008

Fabulous weekend!

So no new pics...again. I know, i suck. But hey we had a fantastic weekend and I thought I would share. I worked like norm Fri night. Then Saturday returned home to find Gracie at the back door to greet me with a FIRM shaking of the gate and a smile that would melt any heart. Thats what I call a welcome home. I then spent a short time with Dan and her, getting plenty of slobbery smooches and snuggles. SLEEP comes next and then a BIG date night out to celebrate 5 fabulous years of marriage. First to the movies- Juno was the film and it was Superb! Definitely recommended and Dan really liked it also. Then check in at our FANCY suite at the JW Marriot in GR. We really got fabulous treatment and the facility was splendid. Dinner was one for the books. Leo's- also HIGHLY recommended if you have never had the pleasure. We did it up good and had a lovely anniversary gift waiting for us from the in-laws. SPOILED! King crab legs, buttery New York strip, Bavarian Cream chocolate torte, these can never be a worng choice. Three hours for dinner and then back to the lovely suite. We had a fabulous breakfast Sun morning and then went to my parents to get the babe. Thanks so much to them for the gift of loving and caring for our sweetie while we had some alone time. How blessed are we? Loves!


The Hansen's said...

Happy 5 yrs!!! ISn't it awesome to have so much family around to help:)
Glad things are looking up in the queasiness department. We really should try to get the girls together sometime, let me know!

Tom, Lauren and Madilyn said...

Sounds fabulous!! :) Glad you guys had a great weekend. Hugs!

The Hall's said...

Happy Anniversary! Isn't the JW awesome? The beds are to die for! I've never slept better!