Monday, January 21, 2008

I see the light!

Well today we had our first doctors appointment to check on our pregnancy and hear the baby's heartbeat. 181 bpm and this little one was moving ALL over the place. Another mover and shaker I think! What an incredible blessing to hear that little sound. I didn't know how anxious I was until I heard it and then felt total and utter relief. I could have listened to it all day, but the baby moved and we lost it soon after :) It definitely makes me feel a lot better about how crappy I have been feeling. I will gladly feel however God wants me to if it maens a happy, healthy child. I do see the light though. We are almost past the first trimester and I have had a few days lately where I can actually eat a "real"amount of food and not heave all afternoon. The nurse in the lab at our office had been drawing ALL the blood they need for the first visit, which is about six or seven vials, and told Dan- "You must take your wife out for a fancy dinner now and she MUST order dessert to make up for all this lost blood! HA HA HA We got a chuckle from that.Praise the Lord! Please pray that this pregnancy goes well and that by the Grace of God we will welcome this little babe in August! Thanks for the love and support, we have truly greatful hearts!


The Burkholder Family said...

Yeah - how maybe another girl! What a high heartbeat, but you never know there have been a lot of boys lately! Congrats again you two, we are so excited for you.

Tom, Lauren and Madilyn said...

It is SUCH a blessing to hear that little beating sound. It's like a song! :D We are so excited and pray every night for that little one's new life. :) We love you guys.