Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Well what a year we have had. A wonderful and FULL year that seemed to fly by at warp speed. On to 2008 we go, looking forward to the new adventures it will bring to our family. Gracie has grown up SO much this past year. It is amazing what change one year can bring in the life of a child. She started the year a completely dependent infant who couldn't do much but eat and sleep. Now she is feeding herself, talking all the time, drinking from a sippy (no more bottle), running and climbing on Everything, and having her sassy drama queen moments also. We are truly loving our wild little girl, even with the attitude she trys at times. Dan and I have grown a lot as well. Being parents has changed us both immensely. We rely on God more than ever and also on each other more than before. We seem to have really gotten into a routine that works for our family and God bless that! We are thrilled to meet this next member of our little family, Lord willing, in August. Until then, we are loving on our big baby girl and our puupy too. Marley is a huge part of our family now too. Full of energy, he can be a bigger handful than Gracie at times. What a joy! We wish you the happiest and healthiest year ever in 2008, from our family to yours!