Monday, July 16, 2007

Two teeth and counting

Well look at me, I am growing at light speed. I have now begun standing with just a finger or two to hols onto. I also have two teeth now. Both in the front on the bottom. Things are changing at home a bit nowdays. Mom is back working more now, she works on the weekends at night. I stay home and get some one on one with daddy. It is really fun. He is such a great dad, and we have tons of fun. Mom is enjoying getting back to the burn unit. She missed it more than she even realized but feels great now that she is back in the saddle. I will be back soon to update again, but until then~ enjoy the summer sun. Loves!


Tom, Lauren and Madilyn said...

I just can't believe she is this old. I am in complete denial. WE LOVE YOU GRACIE POO!!

Rachel said...

Tracy - I want to get together with you for lunch sometime next week. I'm leaving today for a short vacation with my family but I want to hang with you and Gracie. My schedule for next week is very open so let me know what day works best for you. K? Love you and miss you all!
~ Rachel

The Bibler's said...

I really hope your two teeth stay in your head forever, unlike Aunt KK's teeth!

I want to see your teeth! Love you!!