Monday, July 16, 2007

Mary Kay Stock reduction sale!!!!!

Calling all fans of Mary Kay products. I am having a sale of the stock that I have collected over the past year. After having Gracie I didn't do much with all the products that I had stocked and now I need to reduce the amount of stuff that I have. If anyone needs any products please let me know. I have reduced the price 25 to 50 percent on all the porducts. I have lots of colors of the make-up and quite a few skin care products left. PLEASE call me if I can help with any of your skin care needs or if you just need a few fresh colors. I will not be ordering new products at this time but I have LOTS of stuff in stock. CALL ME!!!!!


The Bibler's said...

Count me long as you can RE-TEACH me how to apply the makeup! I am kind of a dumb dumb in that aspect...:)

Tom, Lauren and Madilyn said...

MEMEMEMEMEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm calling you asap. :)