Saturday, April 07, 2007


Vacation was what I really needed. These last few months have been great but so busy. What with being fat and pregnant during the holidays, having a baby, and then figuring out the crazy new world of parenting, a vacation was just what the doctor ordered. I am sure everyone else enjoyed their time too, but I really loved it. I never had to answer the phone, although I missed the blogger I was glad to not have a computer, phone or mail box for a week. We were away and sometimes that is all you need to re-boot and energize to keep on going. I am very glad to be home but it was very nice to have missed it here. You know how it goes? I had a great time with the whole Hosford fam, Gracie had a good time with them too and I loved watching her grow and change in a new environment. I feel like somedays I was missing out on her true personality because of the monotony of day to day life. She is a sweet pea like none other I know. She has a sweet, mellow personality but has so much fun at times. She wished she could do more at times, I could see in her face that she wished she could follow her cousin Maddie around. She smiled so much, loved swimming, sat peacefully at the beach and napped like only a Hosford can. I really loved the time we spent as a family, in whole and in parts. A great growing and bonding experience. Love you guys!!!!

Aren't we hot?!!!! This was at the good ole Florabama! Sisters!! I love you all!

My sweetie pie! Kissing my cutie on the patio and Poppa and G-Ma's condo. Isn't it beautiful?


Russ and Amy said...

You went to the florabama? Did you get to toss any fish?

The Bibler's said...

We had so much fun with you three! Wish every week was a vacation! Oh well...back to the real world, huh? Hope to see you all soon! Love you guys!