Monday, April 16, 2007

Gracie loves her GiGi Snellink

So this pic is totally stolen from Aunt KK but it is just so precious. I had to steal and post so that absolutely nobody missed it. This is from Sun, April 15th. We were at mom and dad Hosfords to celebrate my birthday(26, holy moly!) and Gracie got to spend some quality time with her Gigi Snellink. She was mesmerized by grandma and we got some cute pics. What a treasure that Gracie has not only wonderful grandparents but a few great grandparents also. What a lucky gal. She loved seeing all her family yesterday, brunch with grandma and bumpa Carlson, Aunt Kelli, Uncle Sean and cousin Jonah. Then dinner with Aunt KelKel, Aunt KK, Uncle Aukin :), Aunt LoLo, Uncle Tom, Cousin Maddie and Gma and Poppa Hosford. Wow!! (And yes auntie KK, I have resolved my issues. Thanks for the love and support!)


Sean, Kelli & Jonah said...

The pic with Gracie's finger in her month is great, I love it! Leanne said Sat. for breakfast would be great. We could do 9ish???? Should we plan on it?? I will tell her to let Rach know if it works. love u. Happy Birthday!

The Bibler's said...


I am so glad you have resolved your bum-bum issues! I felt so bad for you! Love you!

Aunt KK

Travis & Kristi Catt said...

Seriously! How cute can one be? Gracie is adorable! Good thing she looks like her Mom! Just kidding Dan! You're cute too :)
She's getting big so fast.....hopefully we can see you guys soon!

Happy Belated Birthday Tracy!!!!!!

Love Ya-Kristi