Saturday, April 07, 2007

My crazy brown uncle

I love my crazy Uncle Austin, or is it Aukin? Well, anywho, we had a blast in the pool together. The first day I swam for over 40 minutes with him and Auntie KK. I have cool pics on their camera so I will post those whe I get them. I tried to impress upon him the need for sunblock but hey, who will look cuter when they turn 50 huh? skin cancer mean anything to you?? J/K unc, I love you brown.


Chris, Ashley, and Skylar said...

she looks so cute, and so much like jonah, she's a carlson for sure!!!

The Bibler's said...

Gracie, Uncle Aukin will start wearing sunblock, I promise! He wants to be around when you get married and have babies!! He loves you SO MUCH and had so much fun with you!