Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Halloween week!!

Well last weekend we had an absolute blast in Gaylord with the Catts, Sean+Kelli, Aaron+Michelle, Drew+Jill, Mike+Amy and new this year joining us were Ryan+Amber Cox. We really got to relax and have some time away to relax and spend QT with great friends. We were the yahoos who brought the newborn but she was pretty well behaved most of the weekend. She was a bit under the weather on Sat (note the sad face Kristi is making for Livvy) but the rest of the time we enjoyed just getting to spoil her rotten with all of our attention. We had LOTS of great food, great conversation, fun times just being together, and fantastic accomadations- Thanks again Trav and Kristi- oh and baby boy Catt too:)

Michelle, Kelli, and Kristi hanging with Livvy who was under the weather:(

Amber getting some major snuggle time with the Livster. That vest was seriously snuggle worthy:)

Delish spaghetti dinner- and old tradition that NEVER gets old. Best recipe ever

Gracie playing with play-do. She barely found time to even look at me never mind smile- oh well, we take what we get at this stage:)

Livvy is rocking out the Bumbo chair. I can't believe how old she is getting. 3 months old already and she is growing like a weed. She has LOTS of smiles for every one and most days she is pretty content with life and those around her. SHe has a day here and there when she doesn't know which way is up, not to mention what to do with her own mood. But the rest of the time she is sweet as pie. Watch out though- her baby blues will get you hooked:) She is still looking lots like daddy and he is loving that. Her chubs are serious and not to be missed. We also love that her sleeping habits are pretty consistant now. She sleeps most of the night 10-7ish, but she still wakes up once for a quick 20 min snack in the night sometime. This mommy is feeling quite rested and doesn't mind it a bit:)


The Hansen's said...

looks like all is well, its hard to believe that Livvy is getting so big! What is Miss Gracie Rae going to be for Halloween??? Will you get to trick or treat for a bit before work?
We need to find a time the girls can play, most afternoons work for me fridays do tend to be better, but I know you work at night, and Sunday afternoons after church are always great!

Travis & Kristi Catt said...

We had a great time with you guys, it's great to see some pics of the weekend since we really didn't take many! Hope you had a fun Halloween!