Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Halloween 08

Our cute little monkey, she loved her costume. It was so cozy and comfy.

Livvy was our little butterfly. She did a great job tolerating the festivities. A trooper for sure:)

Gracie had a party at school that day and they had a riot. Tons of snacks, games, and all the kids got to parade their costumes around the whole school. Gracie had to lead her class of course:)

Gracie getting the hang of this trick-or-treat idea. She had practiced at home but we didn't give her any candy so she liked this MUCH better.

She went with Maddie and Jonah, or Princess Aurora and Spiderman rather. Laney was a lion and not up for pictures and Jackson- or Buzz Lightyear- was so speedy I didn't catch him:)