Monday, August 04, 2008

Livvy Jean

Hanging with Uncle Tom and Auntie Lolo. What a lot of lovin this little angel is getting, she has such a fun filled, full of love life ahead of her.
Stretching out on the fuzzy blanket. She is such an easy going baby so far- no drama at all. Just eat, sleep (a LOT), and poop. What a life!
Snug as a bug- she is a little snuggler for sure. She loves to spend time in my little peanut shell sling. She is so cozy and warm that it puts her to sleep almost instantly.
Livvy just loves all the smooches and loving she gets from her big sister. Gracie is intrugued by her and the little noises she makes. She doesn't cry much but Gracie is always very concerned when she does. She checks on her right away and pats her belly and says "it's ok Livvy, it's ok." I hope this concern keeps going as they grow up together.
Livvy poolside at Silver Lake CC. We spent a gorgeous weekend of fabulus weather by the pool and Livvy enjoyed all the fresh air, she slept the days away and had a few moments of being awake and checking out the poolside activity- watching Gracie swimming with daddy, gamma and poppa. We will contnue to enjoy the warm weather and sunny summer days with our girls. Bless you the rest of your summer- ENJOY!!!!


Rachel said...

BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to meet the little one!

Tom, Lauren and Madilyn said...

Little sweetie. :) We couldn't love her more! Hugs to you guys.