Friday, August 08, 2008

Another great week!

Check it out! Her eyes are open. Yes, she is awake some of the time. We are still waiting for the inevitable doom of the second baby but for now these two weeks have been a joy. Livvy is truly an angel and allows momma about 6-7 hrs of sleep every night, 5 in a row at least. What a blessed angel. We are really enjoying having her in our fam.
Playing with Poppa. Dan and I are SOOO amazingly blessed to have such incredible families. The love and support are endless for us as well as our beautiful girls. When you love a child as much as we do it is hard to imagine others could too. And yet our families and friends do. We have had so many visits, offers to watch Gracie, meals and gifts given, and just plain and simple love shown for our family. We cannot even begin to express our extreme gratitude and appreciation. We honestly love you all and wish we could tell you how much you are loved by us but words would never suffice. God bless you for blessing us and we pray that someday we can show you all how much you are loved.
Here is a pic of Gracie showing off her new do. She is now able to sport a full on pony tail. Her fluff still needs a barrett to hold it back but the hair is in a pony. Who would have guessed before she was two?? I love it!