Monday, August 04, 2008

Livin the life of the Big Sister

Here is Gracie helping dad with some of the chores around the house after Livvy and mommy came home from the hospital. She has been such a great helper and really seems to enjoy the Big girl role.
Gracie and gamma checking out baby Livvy in one of her rare awake moments. They are few and far between right now but we know that will change all too quickly.
Having some alone time on the kitchen floor with her magnets.
Showing off what a big girl she is becoming. She has grown up so fast and I am trying to figure out how to slow it all down and enjoy the time that I have my "babies" around. Life is flying by but we are thoroughly enjoying the ride with our little loves!
Poolside at Silver Lake. We enjoyed a lot of the weekend poolside at the club, Gracie has learned how to swim on her own with just her floaties on her arms. What a big girl- she has no fear and will try most anything. She loves floating on her back with her head in the water. How cute is she?