Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Photos of summertime

Sometimes the joy of summer is also the pain of summer. Gracie is not the most gentle child and therefore, some of her "adventures" go awry and cause the bangs and bruises she is now notorious for. We love you even with big goose eggs on your head honey pie!
Shenanigans- no other word for it. Sometimes she just happens to find the one thing we didn't get to before her. In this case it was a pink highliter marker and a green gel roller pen. No permanent damage, just a few laughs and a bit more kid proofing around the house:)
Here's me and Olivia prepping for our first kayak trip out in the West Bay in Elk Rapids. Yes I was that confused to start, but it was easier than I expected and we did really well. I was just glad that we both fit:)
Dan joining the adventure out into the West Bay. We had fun out in the open water and even got a little exercise. Check out Dan's superior golfers tan- only the neck and the forearms (oh and the "V" in the front of his chest where his top golf shirt button is usually undone). Any other golf widows sure know this look :)
The ladies on yet another gorgeous sunny afternoon that we were blessed with in Elk Rapids over the fourth. We had such a blast at the Lake House and could not have had any better company. You ladies rock my world- oh, and the men aren't so bad either. (Leanne DeYoung, Me, Kristi Catt, Linsey Wohlin, and Kelli Carlson) Can't wait for next year!!!


Rob, Leticia, Madisyn & Landon said...

You look fantastic! 9 month pregnant and all :) We're thinking of you, Dan and Grace (and Olivia)!

Kris & Leanne said...

Too much fun :)
.... thinkin' I can't wait to meet Olivia.


The Segards said...

Dan and Trace!!!! We are sooooo super excited. I just saw the announcement of the birth of Liv on Kate's blog. Congrats!!!! We can't wait to meet her. Will call soon. Love You All Rae