Saturday, July 12, 2008


Well I will try to post some more pics later. My comp. is not being very cooperative at this time. A little update on our crazy hectic life: We have been going, going, going- non stop lately and that has been FUN as we know that in a few short weeks we will be home a LOT more with a new little sweetie to care for. Dan is SUPER daddy and as usual the best hubby in the world. Taking care of his ladies is a full time job I'm sure and he is SO great at it. He has been trying to get in a little more golf as that will also slow down soon. He has a Pro-Am in Harbor Springs next weekend that will hopefully be a last hurrah for us all. We will be spending the weekend at Boyne with the Hosford fam and enjoying the water park with the kiddos. Mommy is doing really great. This pregnancy is getting slightly more uncomfortable as the room to grow is rapidly diminishing. But nothing like last time for sure. I am enjoying all the last moments of it as we are getting closer to meeting our sweetie and I don't think I was meant to mother more than two chitlins. We shall see:) We have been beating the heat and enjoying summer with Gracie Rae. She is such a darling- We are loving on her like its all we have. Enjoying our last weeks with her as an only child. She is really getting more and more interested in other babies and kisses my belly and talks to Livvy every day. She is so sweet and has no idea that this little child will be born and than rock her little world:) Gracie is learning so fast these days. She has now started to count to ten. She loves to show off for people. She repeats her entire alphabet and often beats you to the next letter, show-off:) She speaks in full sentences most of the time and her vocabulary has exceeded 150 words by now. We are amazed at the abilities of our "baby". She has a crazy obsession with airplanes and can spot them LONG before any capable adult. Maybe she will be a pilot??? Loves to you all and we will keep you updated on the Olivia Jean situation.


The Segards said...

Trace, just checkin' in. I'm bummed no pictures! Do you guys want to come over Sat? Maybe you can help me with my blog. :) I just posted some more things but yours definitely looks more like you know what the heck you're doing. Love Ya, Rachie (Can't wait to see your belly!)