Tuesday, February 05, 2008

February Update

Happy February to all. We truly hope this finds all of you well. Health has been an issue at our house this winter, we have all had colds, flu and all the snot that comes with it. We should hold stock in Kleenex for sure! Other than that, we have been doing very well. We have had a few OB/GYN appointments so far. Baby Hos is growing well and seems to have all the parts and pieces that a baby needs. We have a super cute ultrasound pic but I can't figure out how to put it on here, maybe someday. Dan is still working hard and looking forward to the snow melting so he can Golf again. I think that maybe my all day sickness is subsiding but it's hard to tell while I have all this snot and cruddy head stuff happening. I have been able to eat a bit more though, Hip Hip Hooray! Gracie has really been growing up FAST. SHe enjoys school where she is in the big kids class now. She is learning to eat on her own with a fork and spoon, she's pretty good but it can get VERY messy.

The pics show her sweet little self. Her favorite things to do are play, read, run, and CLIMB on everything possible. She still has her fearless nature so we have to watch her like a hawk. She has 9 teeth, four front teeth on top, four front teeth on bottom and her first big molar on the bottom right. The next molar is trying hard to pop through right now. DROOL is abundant. She loves to grab a book and back herself up onto her giant pink teddy's lap and sit and read her books. Thanks to Aunt KK for the fabulous Bear. Gracie is loving it bunches. She also loves to show off all her words. She says SO many things it is getting hard to count. She loves to sing- Itsy Bitsy Spider, Baa Baa Black sheep, Twinkle Twinkle Little star, and Patty cake. She will also teach you a dance move or two any time, any place. She is NOT a shy girl. Loves to all and hopes for a fabulous February.


The Burkholder Family said...

It really is truly amazing how fast our little babies are growing up. You are a beautiful little girl Gracie Rae! I'm so glad you're feeling better Trace - nothing says motherhood like gut rot - uuggh!

The Hansen's said...

Glad to hear that all is well in the Hosford home! Gracie is growing up so fast, it sounds like she is a smarty pants too:) Glad to hear your tummy is feeling better, when the 'green' days go being prego is so much better!!

Jill,Drew, Ella too... said...

Hey guys - well we still have not updated our blog yet.. surprised - ya h well drew still has to figure out how to use his (used to be new computer - now its worn out that excuse and he still doesnt know how to use it--- anyway new posts to come soon- we promise. Anyway - we decided to change our blog to private because we kept getting weird posts and adds - (that has been the only activity on our blog) so please email me - jillfil@yahoo.com with your email address so I can add/"invite you" - what a pain I know. but no more wierd messages. Thanks : )